Sunday, January 1, 2017

December 26, 2016 - Merry Christmas!


So Merry Christmas everyone! Hope it was great and that you all made good choices and were safe and things and stuff!

So highlight of the week! I got to Skype my family! Wahoo! So that was exciting. Most of you probably know better then I do but they seem to be doing good. Lol

So this week was crazy awesome! We went caroling like almost every night to people in our Ward and people in our district's wards as well, so that was fun! And cold, but super fun! We also went on exchanges. I went with Sis. Langford while Sis. Ewing stayed in our area with Sis. Slaughter. It was fun! I got to go back to North Anchorage, the place of my birth! So that was awesome! 

Sis. Langford and I met with a referral the elders had given her. And holy cow she is so ready! She is so open to the gospel and everything about it right now! She is like golden! We also met with a family from Russia, that was awesome too cuz Sis. Langford said they had a rough time getting in with them, but then we did. #Christmasmiracles! 

Also on exchanges I went to one of the coolest Christmas parties I have ever seen! It was for a Samoan Ward, man do they know how to put on a party! Everything was decked out in Christmas decorations and they were dancing up a storm! It was awesome!

Also this week we got to do service at this Christmas party the stake put on for foster kids, It was really cool. Sis. Ewing and I handed out drinks while the elders served pizza, then we helped clean up. Then Christmas Eve, President and Sister Robinson had us over for a Christmas party. It's was fun! We played around the world ping-pong and I made it to the end! But then I lost to Elder Anderson so I got second! Which surprised me cuz I'm really not good at ping pong. We also played Uno, which I apparently am a bit rusty at cuz I lost every time! Like really bad.., like I had to draw 12 cards.... and 8 cards.... and ya so that happened... that or everyone else was just
out to get me, which is quite possible. But ya it was fun! Anyways!

Love you all and hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!!

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