Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January 2, 2017 - Happy New Years!

Hello everyone!

Happy New Year!!! I can't believe it is 2017 already! Like what?! Where did the time go?? I hope you all enjoyed it! And had fun parties and things! My New Years night consisted of going to bed at 10:00, so if you think about I had a Utah New Years. Just like most of you lol, it was lovely!

So this week was exciting! There is a family we have been teaching, the parents are some returning less active members and their kids are not, but want to be! They are working super hard! They fed us dinner the other night and after we read the scriptures with them. They do this really cool thing when they read! So they each go in a
circle and read a verse then the mom draws out what happened, then we keep reading until we all read a verse and she draws it out again. It's super cute and super fun! It helps engage all of the family in their scripture study! 

We also had a chapel tour on Wednesday with a lady who had called us! I guess she had taken the lesson in Salt Lake, but then moved up to Alaska, and her and her boyfriend are now taking thediscussions. It's super exciting!

We also went on exchanges again! Sis. Ewing went with Sis. Neild (my MTC comp) and I went with Sis. Jimenez! She is from Nicaragua. It was super cool. She is a very freezing but amazing missionary, And her English is super good! Remember how I wanted to learn Spanish on my mission? Well here we go. Lol, not that I'll get to have the time to learn much but you never know lol :)

On Sunday we got a call 2 hours before church to sub in the gospel doctrine class............ I want everyone to know that missionaries spend 18 months to 2 years teaching the basics of the gospel, so we don't focus much on the deeper stuff.... so that was interesting. To top it off we were giving the wrong lesson. But luckily this Ward is super
talkative, and hey, probs felt bad for us which helped in participation so it worked out pretty well :)

Something awesome happened this morning! I was studying and reading in the January ensign of 2014, and there was this amazing article by Pres. Uchtdorf called "The best time to plant a tree". It is super good and talks all about setting goals. One of the things he said is, "Setting goals is a worthy endeavor. We know that our Heavenly Father has goals because He has told us that His work and glory is “to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man” (Moses 1:39)." I HAVE NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE!!!!! Mind blown!!! It's true though! He
makes goals and he teaches us to make goals! You guys! Prayerfully think of goals that will help you come closer to Christ. Goals are supposed to make us better right?  Well who better to be like the Jesus Christ?

So here are my goals, and I'm telling everyone cuz I need some accountabilabuddies! My New Year's resolutions are : to be more obedient, to finish the Book of Mormon by April general conference (thank Elder Speth for that one), to be less fearful of people, and to get at least 2-3 more baptisms by the end of my mission. Hold me
accountable! This needs to happen! Tell me yours and I will do my best to do the same!

Anyways I love you all! Hope his week is amazing!
😊 sis. Johnson

P.s. Hope you enjoyed my moose riding pictures, my family got me to
admit he moose was in fact not living while skyping them, but I still
rode one!

This guy went through the temple a little while ago! He was one of the
investigators sis. Ewing knew in Fairbanks!!!

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