Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016 Happy Easter!

Hey everyone! Sorry I ran out of time last week to write an email! But this week was Easter! We made Easter eggs and Easter baskets for some of our investigators to try to get them to come to church.... And it worked!! At least for one of them!!

You guys this church blesses lives! Following the commandments and just doing our best to come unto Christ blesses our lives so much! Because of Christ we have a chance
in this life, we are able to return and live with our Father in Heaven. He wants you to come back!Through the atonement all things are possible.
Through Christ we can have new life #hallelujah
I love you all!!!


Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 2016 - Hey! I'm still alive!

Well this is the last week of my first transfer! And I serviced! Yay!!!

Most of the sisters are staying where they are cuz most of them are training, so I'm not going anywhere which is good because I like it here, even if it is the city.

Serving at the soup kitchen

We had a baptism Saturday, he was baptized a week before I got here but it wasn't under his real legal
name so they got to do it again, I don't know if I should count that or not but it was pretty cool.

Last week I got to fall down a mountain!!! It was so super super fun! And we are going again today!

Anyways I am short on time but I love you all!

This church is true and it really does strengthen and bless lives, I don't just say that to sell it to people. It is something I have experienced and something I have seen change people.
I love you all make good choices!!

Ps happy pie day!!nšŸ°

Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016 The Iditarod (dog racing is soooo awesome!)

Attention everyone! I have found my calling in life! I am going to be
a dog sledder when I grow up!

The Iditarod was this Saturday and it
was so awesome!!! We got to shovel intersections when cars would drive
across the snow track that they had to truck in from Fairbanks cuz
there wasn't enough snow in Anchorage! They just piled a bunch of snow
down Main Street and everyone partied! Where else will anyone ever do
that?! It is sssooo strangely funny! I love it! But ya, it was hard
work and half the time they wouldn't warn us when a team was close so
the cops controlling traffic would have to suddenly stop traffic and
we would have to run in the middle of the road to smooth out all of
the snow. It was great! Those dogs are so adorable! Bailey, you would
love all of the huskies I think I found choncho.... But he was running
so I couldn't get a pic sorry :/

My zone

Also later that same Saturday there was a reindeer run.... Where they
would let reindeer run loose down a street and people would dress up
in costumes and run with them... Kind of like the bull run in Spain
where people would run with the Bulls. It was quite exciting! And all
I can think is "only in Alaska" haha it is awesome!!!

We are still serving at the soup kitchen every Saturday, I love it so
much! I meet the most amazing people there... when they are sober.
They have the coolest stories to tell. We met this one native named
Bernard who just talked with us for a really long time telling us all
of these stories from his childhood and of his family. He also tried
to teach us some Eskimoian but I can't really remember  any of it....
But it sounded cool!

We also found a new investigator there! We went to teach her later in
the week in the afternoon and while we were teaching her, a man came up
to us and he was not quite himself we can call it. Anyways, he was so
enamored with my beauty that he proposed to me. Of course, I politely
declined and helped him to the line for him to get food. It was quite

Anyways I love you all, I love Alaska, and I love this gospel! If it
wasn't true I wouldn't be out here teaching it! I hope you all are
safe and making good choices!

Sis. Johnson