Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March 20, 2017 - My week was fffuuuuunnnn!

This week was exciting! I know I start out with that phrase every week but I'm an original person and not very creative. Anyways, we met with a bunch of less active members this week. I love them all! We are trying to file through all the less actives......... Cuz there are sssoooooo many! And most of them neither of us know who they are. So that's a thing. We met with BA, my all time favorite human ever! We meet with him twice a week and he is cruising through the Book of Mormon! He passed me even and I started before him and I read a chapter everyday! So he is awesome!

1. Driving to Soldotna
Also, excitement for the week, the ward mission leader from the Bush Branch flew into Anchorage, so they took us out to dinner and I finally got to see who he is and what looks like! So that was awesome! A, our
investigator, is so awesome! She is on date for baptism in July cuz that's when her kids can be there. Her husband said if I ever come visit, come anytime to go fishing or camping or just to see them, I could stay at there house
and he would take me exploring, so whoot whoot! Trip to galena here I come!

We have started reading the Book of Mormon  with the H family. I love them! They are the best! They have this giant dog named Nanuk (which is polar bear in a native tongue) and trust me, he looks like a polar bear. I look like a rug everytime we leave their house cuz he sheds so much! But he's the cutest.

2.made a pit stop to take a picture, we asked a guy who was parked on
the side of the road to do it, we gave him sis. Jacksons iPad then
realized later he totally could have gotten in his truck and taken off
with it... Luckily he didn't lol. he wasn't interested. But we was
from Boston and likes rocks (he's a geologist)

We also went on exchanges in Soldotna. I have never made it to the actual place, but I can now say I have been half way. We met them half way there and then Sis. Jackson went with Sis. Randall to Soldotna and I had to turn around and come back to Anchorage with Sis. Wilden. It was a fun. We tracked for days! It was a good time.

3. Sis. Wilden and Randall
Anyways, so life's been good! Today is my 14 month click day. Craziness....
I was reading in the Book of Mormon  this morning and I'm in Alma 4. I love the Alma chapters! They were so written for our day it's kinda cray/scary.... But there are so many words of wisdom. Anyways, Alma 4:14 is a good verse! It talks about Christ. I learned recently what the word remission means: for events. So when it talks about the atonement and having a remission of sins, it means a forgiveness of sins, which is why we take the Sacrament each Sunday. That's why it's super important. Anyways, that is what I studied this morning. I really love the Book of Mormon. It is so true! I love it!

4. Accidentally matching #compunity

Anyways love you all!
Sis. Johnson

Monday, March 13, 2017

March 13, 2017 - Cool Things!


This week was exciting. There was much exchanging, travel, and tracting whoot whoot!!!! So first off, we went on "exchanges" with the Juneau sisters. By that I mean we Skyped them and talked to them for an hour cuz president didn't let us fly down this time. For all who are wondering, Sis. Ewing and Christian are doing great (those are
the Juneau sisters).
Alaska ski resort on pday

We also had exchanges with the Campbell Park sisters, Sis. Oliver and Kimball!!!! That was super fun! Don't worry we got work done. Sis. Kimball joined me in our area, it was super great. She's a hoot! We put two of our bush investigators kind of on date! So now 3/4 of the bush investigators know what month they want to be baptized in! The struggle is it is winter, so they have to wait for the rivers to not be frozen anymore. The plan is July for 2 of them, and September for the other one. It's a good time.


Me and Sister Kimball

So I've been thinking lots and lots about the priesthood. It is such a great thing! Sis. Jackson and I got blessings this week and the spirit was super strong. I love the priesthood so much and will be forever grateful I grew up with a dad and brother who holds it! It is a gift the Lord has given us to feel peace and be healed. If you have been feeling the need to get one but have been avoiding it, I would like to invite you to repent and get one! Let the Lord bless you, don't deny the blessings. 

Alaska ski resort - I am coming back someday!

Anyways I love you all!
Sis. Johnson

Monday, March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017 - Iditarod part 2

This week was fun! We got to do service for the Iditarod again! It was so fun! But not as fun as last year cuz we were sick (yes I got my companion sick, I'm awful), and we were stuck in an empty bus that was supposed
to be full of VIP people that get to ride on the sleds, but it wasn't. So we became bffs with the bus driver. He wasn't interested but he was super funny.

Other than that we have been teaching all of our awesome investigators, and sleeping cuz we have been sick all week. Please keep us in your prayers that we will get better so that we only share the gospel and not diseases! That would be great!

We had an amazing lesson with my favorite less active. He lives in Chignik Bay out on the penninsula. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and tells us since he started reading it he quit drinking coffee, we  didn't even know he was drank coffee! So that was cool.

Anyways, sorry this is so short! Love you all!!!!