Monday, January 16, 2017

January 16, 2017 - Um...hey!

So exciting stuff and huge testimony builder! You will never believe what happened this week! So first of all, I got to go welcome in the new missionaries this week (it's transfer week last week, but I'm not going anywhere, and neither is Sis. Ewing) We got one new sister! Sis. Randall she is amazing! Because we only had one sister we were her companions until she received her trainer the next day. So we spent the night at the mission home with her, then got to see all the missionaries get assigned to their companions. It's super exciting stuff!

Ok so miracle moment! The Lord led us to 5 investigators that we are now currently teaching! The first one was a self referral from requesting a free Bible. She lives out in the bush in mountain village. We called her and asked if her address was right, if she still wanted it, and if we could send her a BOM and teach her about the church. And guess what! She said yes! We had our first lesson with her (this is part of the Bush Branch, so yes it was over the phone) but we had a conference call with one of the members from that area and they totally know eachother! The lesson went amazing and we invited her to work toward baptism and she said yes!!! So that is super exciting. The only hold up will probably be church attendance. But when our member gets home (she was in Idaho.. so yes she was in Idaho during he lesson, crazy right?)  she said she will invite her to her house for church so that is exciting!

Another investigator we picked -The elders in Inlet View (my birth place) talked with her at a bus stop! She said she would be interested so they got her info and sent her on over to us! We went and visited her, she lives in an assisted living home with a few other people. When she saw who we were she got super excited. We also helped
her roommate put together a glow in the dark fish tank. Thanks mom and dad for making me clean Flipper's tank, not that those skills helped much cuz it was a completely different tank, but because I had a fish once I was suddenly an expert fish tank builder.
Another one of our investigators we met with this week and taught him the beginning of he plan of salvation. He struggled to understand it so it is a slow pace. He didn't come to church yesterday, but that is because his health has been really bad his week. Church really did a number on him. He had the shakes pretty badly. But he said he doesn't regret going one bit. So that is a good sign... the only problem is I'm not sure his care takers agree....

Ok so cool story! Every Saturday we have a district tract. So our district will get together and go tracting in one of our areas for an hour. Last week it was our turn. So they all came and tracted in Ocean View and the elders knocked on this ladies door. Her boyfriend was a member, that we didn't have records for, and she told the elders we could come back. When the elders told us this they down played it ALOT! They said she said it would be fine. So we figured this would be our normal procedure of going over just to realize she was too nice to say no the first time. So we go, and her boyfriend answers the door and invites us in and asks her if she wanted to talk to us. She said fine, kinda like she didn't care either way, so our expectations are still quite low. Then they invite us upstairs and invite us to sit down, we are a bit surprised cuz we are actually getting somewhere. Then she tells us they had lived in Idaho and she had lots of Mormon friends and clients and basically asked how she can become a Mormon. This took us completely off guard cuz this kind of thing never happens! So we didn't really know what to say or how to respond. But we invited her to take the lessons. So ya that was pretty amazing!

But you guys! The coolest part about all of this is still coming! So we have been struggling a bit to find people to teach, well last Monday Sis. Ewing's friend sent her an email saying she had put her name in the temple so we better have some investigators. By then we had found one, but the Lord is amazing and wasn't  finished yet! Cuz then we found the rest of these amazing prepared people! 

Prayers are real. The Lord does answer them. The temple is amazing and truly the House of the Lord. The temple is where you find safety, peace, answers to questions. I learned I needed to go on a mission in the temple. Prayers are answered here! You need to go to the temple. Inside or just on the grounds, no matter where you are, it is the house of the Lord. "... in this there is safety, in this there is peace. He will send blessings, he will send blessings, words of the prophets keep the commandments, in this there is safety and peace!" I know it's not the temple song, but think about it, it is applicable! I know the Lord hears and answers our prayers.

I love you all!
😊Sis. Johnson

New missionaries with their trainers

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