Monday, January 16, 2017

January 9, 2017 - Snow and Stuff

Hello everyone!
So this week was good! We helped move some sisters out of their apartment this week. Their new apartment is super duper nice! Like heated floors and granite countertops! They live in the basement of a member who was awesome enough to let the missionaries move in! They even have a dog! And it is super cute!

We also were able to have a return missionary join us all the day long on Tuesday! Her name is Megan Futui (I might have spelled her last name wrong) but coolest thing ever! She was companions with Kelsey Rounds!!!!! Like what?! Small world! But it was awesome cuz while she was with us we found a new investigator! 

Cool story! So we were visiting a less active in our Ward, and she lives in an assisted living home. While we were getting ready to leave the awesome lady who runs the home stopped us and said there was a man downstairs who wanted to talk with us. So down stairs we go and there he is sitting in a lazy boy smiling this huge grin! Basically he said he has been waiting for us! We invited him to church and arranged for one of our members to go pick him up. And he came! He said he almost didn't come, but had changed his mind when our member showed up. It was fast and testimony meeting. He got up and bore a super simple, powerful, and sweet testimony. Then he described it as coming home. He felt like he was home. It was awesome!

We are teaching him Thursday when a soon to be missionary will be joining us! #returnmissinaryblessings! Go out with missionaries you guys! It brings blessings!

On Thursday, our youth made us food for mutual. They had what they called missionary olympics where they learned how to iron white shirts, tie ties, look up scriptures, slurp ramen, and make food out of scraps from the cupboard.... which is when they made us food. The young men vs. the young women to see whose food was most good. Well the young women's tasted better, but we let the young men win for style (they even had a drink included) and out of pity lol. But it was super fun!

But ya that is me!!! This week has been an interesting one! I'm also like in the orange zone for stress... so that's great... but don't worry I'll be fine.
I love you all so much!
😊Sis. Johnson

P.s. Also Utah got more snow and was colder then Alaska! How funny is
that! We like hit a heat wave and they got our cold and snow! It was
like 20 degrees up here with only frost all over the place! To funny!

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