Tuesday, December 20, 2016

December 19, 2016 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!


So Merry Christmas! 

This week was exciting. Just let me tell you about it! So first of all I rode a moose!!!!!!!! No, I am not kidding, it
actually happened! I don't have the pictures for it yet, so I'll have to send those next week. But it was great, lol. So ya that happened! And yes, we had president's approval. In fact, one of his counelors paid for us to do it, it was even his idea.

Anyways, this week I got to go on exchanges with Sis. Neild, my MTC companion! That was awesome! She is the bestest! While in her area we found a lady named B. That was cool cuz we knocked on her door looking for her roommate who wasn't home. She told us to come back but to talk to her so that was cool! We also have been going caroling as a district in all of our areas. It's been really fun! I still can't sing but that's why we sing in groups so everyone can drown me out.....although..... the first few times we really didn't sound good. One of the times we were singing "Joy to the World" and one of the sisters started it way too high.... so the elders had a hard time singing, as well as myself.... it was pretty bad. But the lady we sang to was a trooper and told us.... more than usual, how good we sounded.... lol too funny!

We also got to do service in my birth area Inlet View! We helped the food bank and Salvation Army hand out food and toys to those who needed it, it was awesome! We basically went shopping with them to get toys for the kids, and food for Christmas dinner, it was super fun. We met lots of cool people!

Anyways, sorry it's short today! I love you all and have a very Merry Christmas this year! Remember the reason for the season. "Without Christmas we would have never had an Easter" that is why we celebrate!
Keep lighting the world and serving the people around you!

Sis. Johnson

Ugly sweaters with ugly cookies lol :)

Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016 - Oh boy!


So this week has been insane! So on Tuesday Sis. Ewing and I were sitting in our car calling a bunch of people who live out in the bush, setting up lessons and such, when we get this text message from Salt Lake. It was a self referral. So we immediately call the referral. Her name is W and she tells us she wants to learn more. She has  already read the entire Book of Mormon. And she knows it is true. She also said her entire family would like
to sit in on the lessons. Like what?!? Talk about miracles! It was pretty awesome!

Feeling festive!
Then Wednesday we sat in a meeting all the day long.... like we are talking from from 10am-6pm. My brain hurt. But for this meeting the STLs from Fairbanks came and spent the night at our apartment, so that was exciting. Their flight was delayed an entire hour and then everything else was thrown off so they didn't end up even getting here until like 12... by then Sis. Ewing and I were asleep so we just left the doors unlocked... I know we are heartless.
The Christmas tree the ward sent.

Then Wednesday there was an emergency transfer so we hosted Sis. Jewel for a day. We went tracting with her and tracted into a part member family who we did not have records for. We just knocked on the door and she was like come into the kitchen I'm cooking and we can talk... we were all super confused, cuz this never happens! Then we talked with her more and found out she's a member. So that was exciting, then on Sunday she brought her husband to church! Wahoo! Awesome sauceness!!! We are eating dinner with them Tuesday...... which I'm super bummed I'm missing cuz we have exchanges.... but Sis. Ewing promised to set up a return appointment.
Anyways I love you all! Stay safe and things!

😊Sis. Johnson
notice how I'm the only one in a coat.... you would think I'd be
better adjusted to the coldness by now

Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5, 2016 - Church over the phone...like what???

Hey friends and family!

So I have been transferred! I got kicked out of Wasilla and put back into Anchorage. Except the southern part of it this time. Sis. Ewing is my new companion. We are serving as STLs (Sister Training Leader) now. Which means I get to go on road trips! Lol jk just exchanges, but I'm excited for that! So Sis. Ewing and I cover the Ocean View Ward and the Bush Branch. We are super busy! The Ocean View Ward is super awesome! And the great thing about this area is the driveways are normal sized! And there are less guard dogs! Yay!

Now the Bush Branch is super cool! So in Alaska the bush is like way way way way wwaaaaayyyy out far deep in Alaska. Did I mention it was way out there? It is where all of the native Alaskans (or what many of you might call Eskimos) live. And since they live way out in the boonies there isn't any church buildings out there cuz there aren't
very many members. And the bush covers a very wide area, like the entire outskirts of Alaska if that makes sense. So because of this, to teach people, we call them. We have lessons over skype, email, and the phone.... honestly it's kinda weird... but the spirit is 10 times stronger. It's amazing what the spirit can do! And lessons are awesome! Then when we have church everyone has to call in on a number, kinda like a conference calll. Then they have roll call to see who is there so they can keep attendance. It's awesome! And it makes it so that members can call in from wherever! Cuz like it's just a phone number! So there was a family who was down in St. George Utah who
called in. They were on vacation but still went to their branch cuz he had a calling. It was awesome! The church is so cool!!!

Anchorage has a lot more snow then Wasilla.... which doesn't makes sense to me cuz it's only like 30 min away.... but it does. And it's super cold! Like neg 3 degrees in the afternoon! Like what? Ya super cold! And funny thing about Alaska, when the sky is clear of any clouds or anything it is like 5 degrees colder then when there are
clouds and it's about to snow. It's probs like that everywhere but it's more noticeable in Alaska. Idk why. But ya so that's my week! Pretty great!

So thoughts for the week: I've been thinking a lot about what makes a successful missionary. I've been reading about Abinadi and what made him successful. Cuz he died before he saw the impact he made. So for a moment he didn't see any success from his labors. Which we feel as missionaries sometimes. But I decided that what makes him successful is he did what the lord asked no matter what the circumstances or consequences might be! And because of his obedience he changed Alma's life and the many many people Alma later baptized. What makes a successful missionary? Obedience. What makes a successful member? Obedience. What is the test of life? Well... how obedient will you be. Just do what the Lord asks you to! It turns out better then anything we could ever do anyways. Anyways that's my spie


I love you all!
Sis. Johnson


These pictures are some of my favorite peeps in Wasilla and my Wasilla District.