Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2017 - I'm famous everyone!

So this week has been exciting! We went on two exchanges this week. One with the Campbell Oark sisters - I went with Sister Slaughter (cool name huh?) and we got to teach an impromptu lesson on the Plan of Salvation to a referral they had received. The Plan of Salvation seems to be the theme for my week. I'll get back to that later. 

Anyways, while on exchanges Sis. Ewing and Sis. Oliver (I'm her father from Fairbanks!) taught our awesomely amazing investigator A! She is the best. She is basically planning her baptism already! It's pretty great! I love her!

We also were able to get ahold of a less active we have been trying to see forever! She is the cutest! She has 4 little girls and they are just so adorable! While we were there her oldest (who is like 9-10)?did her own thing, but the 8 year old brought us out basically all the food they had in their cupboards, and she refilled our water glasses and stuff. It was super cute! The two youngest were just adorable! They are like 4-2 and they were climbing all over the place! The 2 year old would try to give us kisses. It was craziness but I love those girls so much! They are so cute! She said she wanted us to come back! Trust me! We will be!

We also had an investigator come for sacrament meeting! We recently found her. The sisters had taught her quite a bit in he past, and she even said she knows it's true and that she was planning on being baptized at one point, we aren't quite sure what is holding her back, but she came to church so it's a good start! 

Also what happened at church, so BYU is doing a documentary on the growth of the church so they came and filmed the Bush Branch! Look for it in between conference sessions, either this conference (spring) or next conference (fall). Some of the Bushme mbers also happened to be in Anchorage so we finally were able to
meet a few of them face to face! So that was cool!

So back to my Plan of Salvation thingy. I taught it quite a bit this week, and we learned about it in Sunday school, and it stood out to me in my studies. I have never realized how amazing that plan is! We were listening to a talk by John Bytheway and he said imagine that as you are going through life a voice comes down and says the Plan of Salvation is canceled, it didn't end up working out. Please continue with you purposeless life. When I heard that I was like oh my goodness! I'm not sure what I would even do! There would be nothing we could do about it! Without God's plan...well we wouldn't have had the atonement, we wouldn't be able to repent and there would be no point, we would lose an already lost battle. I hope you guys realize how cool Gods plan is for us! He loves
us! He wants us to succeed and that is why he has given us this plan! The church is true people! There is no way it can't be. I know it is.

I love you all!
Sis. Johnson

😊there is a view behind us....... but you can't see it.... so that's awkward.... just enjoy the view of our beautiful faces instead ;

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