Monday, January 23, 2017

January 23, 2017 - Missionary work and things...

Hello from Alaska!

So this week was exciting. Most of it just went by in a blur, but the parts I can remember it was pretty good! So all of you in Utah right now will be able to relate, but we finally got dumped on! I'd say we are about even with Utah now :)

So this week we went on exchanges with Sis. Neild and Sis. Koncurat. Sis. Koncurat is the mystery sister who was trained in Juneau and stayed there for the first 8 months of her mission. So none of the sisters had met her before! But this transfer she made it up to Anchorage and I was able to get to know her! Fun fact, she is from
Maryland. We had a sweet exchange! We had oodles of lessons! One of them was with our investigator in the bush. The sisters have been teaching him since the creation... ok maybe not quite that long but it has been a long while and for the first time he actually turned off the tv in the background, and he pulled out his scriptures
and followed along with us. And even better! He finally called in for church! Like this is his second time ever! So we are progressing! It's great! He is such a great person! I love the lessons we have with him.

On the down side we also got dropped this week by a different investigator in the bush, so that was sad, but she has a Book of Mormon and she said she would keep it, so let's see where that goes :)

Ok so back to the snow real fast. On exchanges we were driving to a lesson and on our way cars were stuck left and right all over the roads! Most of them had help already so we kept going until we came across a car that was centered in the middle of the road! So we pulled over, and luckily we had shovels in the back of the car and we helped dig him out! So that was exciting!

Also, due to the snow Saturday we went shovel tracting. So we just shoveled people's driveways and cleaned off their cars. And you know what! People are a lot nicer to you when you do something for them rather than just knock on their doors! We got sunny Ds and hot coco and played with the most adorable golden retriever I have ever seen! (He liked to do belly flops in the 4 feet of snow! It was so funny!)

Anyways love you all! Be safe in this winter weather! Make good choices! Remember who you are and what you stand for!
Sis. Johnson!

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