Wednesday, May 24, 2017

May 22, 2017 - Transfers

I am officially retired! I was transfered to the Eagle River valley/Mount Baldy wards with Sis. Anderson! And I love it!!!! I've only been here a few days and already we have seen miracles! Transfer miraclea are real people!!! We got a hold of some people that Sis. Anderson said they had been trying to get a hold of forever so that was cool! We basically feel like we are white washing cuz Sis. Anderson has only been here one transfer and when you are balancing two full wards it's hard to keep track and meet everyone. So it's a blast! 

My last few days in Ocean View were crazy! We were driving people places, cleaning apartments, and transferring luggage. And the best part of all I got to spend 24 hours with my baby! Sis. Lake  is doing so good! We trioed it up! Tuesday we picked up Sister Lake, dropped her luggage off at the car, then went back to welcome in the new
missionaries! Then we went and were able to teach a few families. I was able to say good bye to the Heckels, I love that family! And Pat Giles! She's my favorite person! It was fun teaching with my old current companion and my old companion who are now companions! I loved it!

1.the trio
Then Wednesday we ate at the mission home with the new missionaries and then got to see them meet their trainers which is always an exciting experience! Then Sis. Anderson, Randall, Spencers, and I caravanned to the Eagle River area. It's been exciting!

2.sis. Giles

Last night  we visited with this family. They are the funniest family ever! Best part is we set it up so we can read scriptures with them every week! I'm excited! Eagle River is beautiful and they say there are lots of bears here...So keep your fingers crossed! I'm sure I'll see one before I leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote for today: "Happiness does not depend on what happens around you bit what happens inside you"  I found that on the wall of one of the members houses this morning. I love it! It is so true! President Nelson said that members of the church can be happy under any circumstance. Let the atonement work in you so you can be! That's what it is there for.
I love you all!


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

May 15, 2017 - Hello!

This week was exciting. We got transfer calls, had lots of service, met with President, and got to talk with my family!!!!!!

1. For pday last week we played baseball, never done that before, and
got it in my head that it was kick ball so I tried to throw the
baseball at an elder who was running... Luckily I missed so all is
well lol

So first off, with President, he took Sis. Jackson and I out for lunch at this yummy Mexican place. I ordered the biggest salad of my life! He basically gave us our departing interviews, even though we still have 2 transfers and he won't even be there when we leave, but it was still good :) I enjoy talking with him.

4. Cool street sign I found in honor of my brother!

This week we also got to Rake tons of leaves! Fact about Alaska: most peopler Rake their leaves in the spring time when the snow is all melted. It was fabulous! I never realized how much I loved doing yard work. Parents, that'll probs be the only time I admit that!

Skyping was fun! It was good to see everyone! Congrats to my brother and Allie for their new baby! She is adorable!

3. A picture of skyping, they didn't know I took this picture lol
family ya look great!

So president is transferring me to eagle River! I'll be with Sis. Anderson! I'm so excited! Sis. Jackson is gettingSis. Lake! My baby! She's gonna be such an awesome stl! I'm so excited!

Anyways I love you all!
Sis. Johnson

P.s. My brothers baby is a golden retriever puppy, so for anyone who
were freaking out or confused, you don't need to be anymore ;) sis. Jackson and I felt this week


May 8, 2017 - Aloha!

Haylo everyone!!!!!
Guess what!!!!!!! The trees are finally turning green! There are flowers popping up out of the ground! The sky is blue today! It's been 50 degrees! So happy many people came to church yesterday! The Book of Mormon  is true! And I'm just feeling good today!!!!

So first of all this week we had a Skype "exchange" with the Juneau sisters. We were supposed to go there but then the Lord had other plans, so we Skyped them for an hour instead. Sis. Ewing is doing so good! She goes home in a week! That is so crazy! I love her!

1. Mlc temple trip
Then Tuesday night we went to pick up the Fairbanks stls from the airport, so I got to see Sister Neil and Martinez! I love them! They are two of my favorite people! Wednesday we had mlc (missionary leadership council) which lasts all the day long. But it was amazing! The spirit was super strong and we got to go to the temple to start it off. I just love the temple! If you are having a rough week, go to the temple. If you have questions, go to the temple. If you just want to go to the temple, then by all means go to the temple!!! It is the happiest place on earth!!! 

3. Exchanges

Anyways the meeting ended at like 5 so we ate dinner with the fbx sisters, Soldotna zls, Juneau zls, and fbx
zls, with President and Sister Robinson, which is always fun. Then normally we would take the fbx sisters to the airport, but they were scheduled to leave Thursday morning instead, so we got to have another sleep over! (Don't worry we went to bed on time, we are good missionaries!)

Then Thursday morning we ran them to the airport, then went straight to another meeting, trainer trainee meeting where all companionships in training got to come be trained. Sis. Jackson and I trained on the
importance of companion study and role playing. It was a good meeting!

2. Look what I found In Alaska!

Friday we got to help with Alaska clean up and pick up all the trash all over the place. (Part of break-up season is mud, wetness, and garbage), we are on the last stretch of break up, it's almost done!!! Thursday and Friday we also got to go on exchanges with the Jewel Lake sisters! Sis. Koncurat and I worked wonders in the Jewel Lake area! We set a goal of giving away 7 Book of Mormons while on exchanges, by morning we had given out a total of 8!!!!!!! It was so cool! We tracted this one road where almost every house listened to either a message or accepted a Book of Mormon! It was awesome! I love that book!

Anyways I love you all! The Book of Mormon  and the temple brings peace and happiness, trust me! I know it's true!
Love sister Johnson


Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017 - The life of a missionary

Hello all!
This week was super exciting! Let me just tell you about it! So first of all we had a lesson in a member's house, and it was one of the most stressful lessons I think I have ever had on my mission. Let's just say our member was super excited and our investigator was super overwhelmed. But it was ok, the spirit still managed to be

We also have been receiving so many referrals! From Salt Lake, members, people who want us off the porch while tracting, you name it! It's been fantastic! We also got to meet one of the ladies from Bush, she is in Anchorage for some surgery so we met with her and got to have lunch. It is so nice to put a face with a voice, let me tell ya!
She also said that I needed to come visit them out in the Bush after my mission, so that's going to be a thing!!!!

I got to go to Soldotna for exchanges! For those of you who don't know Alaska, well, Soldotna is known for its majestic views, fishing, and the Kenia River. People pay big bucks to fish there. And tourist season is starting up soon. So I finally got to visit and see if the rumors were true, and trust me they are! It's is so pretty there!

Sis. Randall and I had a great exchange! She is the cutest! We street contacted and tracted and went to the chili cook off for their Ward for dinner. It was a fundraiser for the scouts so they also had an auction. There were some nice things auctioned off! Like halibut fishing trips and salmon fishing trips and a boat, and nice tents,
and expensive gear! It was great! They also auctioned lots of desserts. The auctioneer had us stand up and said that if any member didn't want their desserts, for the sake of scouts they should buy it then give it to the missionaries. It was funny! Too bad they didn't do the same thing with the trips or gear! Lol jk!

Also while in Soldotna we tried to visit this former investigator, she lives on this road that is like a million miles long and she lives at the very end of it! We literally drove for 30 min on this road to this trailer. When we got there the door was open so we awkwardly knocked and called out to see of anyone was there. Behind the trailer there was a scream from a person.....They were hiding behind the trees so we couldn't see who or what it was, but we were kinda scared. So we knocked again and as we are knocking the scream came again but closer.
Through the trees I could see the form of a person wearing tan pajamas. Then a lady came to the door and said that the person we were looking for wasn't home. Then the scream came again but this time this kid Comes running out of the trees completely naked. The lady who came to the door was his mom. Seeing she was busy we tried to make an awkward exit. As we were walking to the car this child chases us down, waving his arms and screaming "take me with you"...... he was then caught by his mother and banished to the inside of the trailer. It was as eventful exchanges get!

Anyways I hope you all have had a great week!!! love you!
Sis. Johnson