Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017 - Grizzly bear!!!!

Hello people!

This week was super exciting!

Starting with Monday, we had a lesson with Gaviny. He is the cutest little 9year old ever! I love that family!!!! His mom was baptized about a year and a half ago and has gone through the temple and goes every week. His dad is taking the lessons now I and is getting baptized the first week of July. And now Gavin is taking the lessons and is so excited to be baptized! I love them!!!  We also stopped by a less active family in the Mount Baldy Ward. It's always crazy when we go over there but we managed to squeeze in a little video message. Their 17 year old said
she needed to come back to church. So we are going to help her with that!

President Nelson
Tuesday we helped out at the food bank. Steve and Betty are still some of my favorite people. We also read the Book of Mormon  with another less active family in the Mount Baldy Ward. Wednesday we did service for a lady in Mount Baldy Ward as well. She is working to go to the temple! We also met with a sister in the Eagle River Valley Ward. She is the cutest! She keeps telling us we are bringing back in a lost sheep. She's so cute and super sincere! We also had a lesson with another sister again. She is doing super great, but sadly moving soon :(

This is Sherri Polling

Thursday we did service at the nature center. We filled holes and fixed a bridge (rather we watched Brent fix a bridge while we cheered him on and gave him moral support).  We also had another lesson with Gavin. I sure love that kid!

Friday we went to the senior center and played bowling with them. Robert won... Again! He always wins haha then Friday night we went tracting. Now this is a cool story! It had been a pretty rough day. Persecution was stronger then normal and we were tired of not being treated like humans, it had just been rough. Well after all that fun
stuff we had now planned on going tracting. I didn't have the best attitude about it. I have never been a fan of tracting even on a good day. Sis. Anderson and I were being Laman and Lemuel and we had a murmur session.
Well we went tracting  anyways. Luckily the street was full of nice people. We got to the second to last house and this super nice catholic lady comes out and asks what she can do to help us. And it was a genuine question, she really wanted to help. She said she had a Mormon friend who had a missionary son. She took out pictures and sent them to our parents. She wasn't interested but just a nice person, really gave me an attitude adjustment.

Then we knocked on the next door, the last one of the street. And we asked if we could share a message about the Book of Mormon  and Jesus Christ. She said she loves talking about Jesus and invited us in. She gave us water and had so many questions! We were able to give her a Book of Mormon  she loved it, she said it made sense, it was the connection of the Bible to our day. We were like yes! We shared the restoration with her and talked about the church. It was awesome!

Even when your natural man tried to take over the Lord will still bless you so much just for trying and pushing through. That is what enduring to the end and the atonement do for us. No matter what we are going through, keep trying, use the atonement, and the Lord will bless you. He knows each of us and hears us, even if we don't necessarily pray for that things, he knows all about it!

Also we got transfer calls this week. I'm staying here in Eagle River with my new comp Sis. Dunlop and Sis. Anderson is going to Palmer in the Lazy Mountain Ward!

The view from the Young's mountain

Anyways I love you all! Have a great week!

Sis. Johnson

P.s. Oh ya and I saw a Grizzly bear on Sunday! We were eating with the Youngs (a couple in the ward) and it was nice outside so we went out to eat. They live in the mountains, and have this nice little tented gazebo type area a ways from their house, so we had a picnic. Well a little while through a Grizzly popped his head out of the grass not too far from where we were and stared us down. It was exciting! Don't worry we made it to the car safely, no one was hurt ;)
The bear, he's closer in real life, the pic doesn't do him justice!

5. A bee attacked us last Monday...

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