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June 5, 2015 - Tank Armor

Hello everyone!
This week was awesome! As of Wednesday we taught an awesome lesson with our investigator Sherri! She's the coolest! She is also moving...so that's sad... so we also helped her pack some things πŸ˜₯ 

1. Meet Gavin. He's a cute kid!! Always protect yourself with tank
armor.... Aka the armor of God!

We did service at the senior center. I love those people! The workers are just so funny! And it's been so nice, we got to take everyone out side. Robert is my favorite! He's this cute little guy in a wheel chair. He wins at everything!! Since we were outside the workers were spraying us with water guns. Robert was the only one who would let them spray him. He loved it! Those people are my favorite!
2. The nature center
Then we got to do service at the nature center. Now this is a tender mercy! We do trail maintenance and any other task they need to get done! The people who work here love the missionaries! Anyone riding or walking by always stops to talk to us! I love it! Now I'm sure I'll see a bear!!!! πŸ€—

We have also been doing lots of finding! We are hoping to pass out 40 bond this transfer, that's an entire box!  We have done pretty good so far.
3. Meet Elaine, she's the best!
I also finally met a recent convert that got baptized right before I got here. He's 10 and the funniest kid ever! His family is so cute! We also found a new investigator, I guess we didn't really find her, she was a potential in our area Book from Sis.Slaughter and Kunz. But she is so prepared. As we were teaching her we focused very much on the fact that God is our Heavenly Father. Then in my studies I was reading about how we need to teach people who they are. I found it super interesting that the very first thing we teach in the restoration is that God is our loving Heavenly Father. In a sense we are teaching them who they are. Then I got to asking myself, why does it matter if we know who we are? What difference does that make? Well it makes all the difference!!!!! In a mission perspective, I know I came from Hyrum Utah, I know my parents and my family. And because of that I'm motivated to make them proud and then to return home to them. It's the same for the people we are teaching. Once they know where they came from and who their family is, they will be more motivated to live in such a way that will make their Heavenly parents proud and they will want to return to him. An identity is super important when in comes to any aspect of life, especially eternal life.

4. Alaska

Anyways I love you all!!!!
😊sis. Johnson

5. My crew

1. Meet Gavin. He's a cute kid!! Always protect yourself with tank
armor.... Aka the armor of god!

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