Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 3, 2017 - Transfers and stuff


Last Monday we had a zone BBQ cuz it was the last one of the transfer and two of our elders were going home so that was fun! We also taught Gavin, he is still my favorite person!

Tuesday we helped out at the food pantry with Betty and Steve.

Wednesday I shipped off Sis. Anderson to the Palmer Lazy Mountain Ward and picked up Sis. Dunlop my new companion! She's the cutest! We also had our last lesson with Sherri before she moves to Ohio! ­čśą but it's
ok she's in good hands with the mission over there!

Thursday we had a pass off lesson with the YSA elders with Ripleigh. So basically we are giving all our people away...... except Gavin!!!!;) we also got to help out at the nature center. We helped build a trail! That was freaking awesome! I love love love the people there! They are the best!!!!! Oh and guess what! I saw another bear!!!!!!!!!! This time Sis. Dunlop and I went for a walk for our morning exercise and as we were walking down the road a bear dashed out in front of us to cross the street. We got scared and ran all the way back to he apartment where we hopped in the car and went on a bear hunt!!!!! Don't worry we were safe.  We did find it. He was right next door to us. In all this excitement we didn't get a picture so you'll have to take my word for it ;)

Love you all!!!!
Sis. Johnson

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