Monday, June 19, 2017

June 19, 2017 - Hi!

This week was good! We were able to help out a few of our members with service. Summer is rough cuz our members disappear to go do fun things! Like what the heck? Haha that sums up a summer in Alaska for you lol but it's ok, the few who stay behind are awesome and let us do things for them.


Anyways we had a sisters meeting this week so I got to go to Anchorage and all the sisters in the mission were there. Except the ones in fbx, Juneau, and soldotna, they were over pbc (a Skype type system) it was nice to see everyone! It was the last time I would see President Robinson in Alaska though.. so it was awesome to be able to hear his departing testimony. We get a new mission president within the next few weeks so that'll be exciting.
#alaskapride  house we found while tracting

We also had exchanges this week! I went with sis. Johnson in the colony Ward out in Palmer. Biggest tender mercy of my life! While doing service at the bishop's storehouse I saw two of my favorite families ever from the Memory Lake Ward!!!!! It was awesome! It was also fun to be the johnson twins for a day. Haha 

Johnson &Johnson

Anyways that sums up my week love you all!!

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