Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017 - All the things

Ssssoooooooooooo much has happened this week!!!! Hopefully I remember it all! Starting with Monday my district went hiking!!! It was super fun! It rained a little so we got muddy but it was a blast! Pictures will
follow, don't worry! We hiked up to Symphony Lake where there was this random little check like cabin and one of the elders brought a hammock so we hammocked and chilled there awhile. It was fantastic!

1,2,3- jumping pics on a rock, this is my district...

Tuesday we did service at the food pantry. Steve and Betty are the cute little old family that have to put us to work, poor things. But no worries, we don't cause too much trouble :) and we finally got in with a less active family we have been trying for ever. Most families are gone now a days cuz its summer time, so everyone is out camping or fishing and no one is home!!! It's makes my job a tad bit complicated. But anyways these guys were finally home and we are going to start reading the Book of Mormon  with them :)

Wednesday we did service for a less active member. We helped clean her house. Then we went to try another less active in Eagle River Valley Ward and she was home and let us in! She sat us down and said "alright, start from the beginning" like she was waiting for us or something. It was sweet! We are going to start teaching her the discussions. Then we tried to contact a former investigator, she's awesome! Then we had a lesson with another investigator. We watched the restoration (can I just say I love that movie!!! Like a lot!!!!!!) the spirit was super strong and we were able to talk about why she was dragging her feet to be baptized. She's a gem!

4. Hammocking

5. Me and sis. Anderson

Thursday we volunteered at the nature center. Now, I want everyone reading this to pay super close attention! In the 16 almost 17 months I have been on my mission in Alaska, never have I seen a bear................ but guess what! I SAW A BEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so cool! Before we left the apartment this morning I said the prayer. Then as an after thought at the end I threw in that we would really like to see a bear, from a safe distance. Well everyone, no matter how silly or little or insignificant our requests may be, if they are important
to us, they are important to the Lord. He hears and answers prayers. I prayed to see a bear, and I saw a bear!!!!!!!!! It was in a tree near one of the trails. It was amazing! 

8.can you see the bear?????
But even more amazing was what happened Friday. Friday an apostle of the Lord visited Alaska. President Nelson  came up to speak to the youth at their youth conference. And while he was here he wanted to meet with the missionaries. It was amazing! I got to shake his hand!!!!!!!!!!! With him was his wife, Sis. Nelson, Elder Gong of the 70 and his wife, and Elder Murray in the  area 70. It was cool. The spirit was so strong! I have never been so close to an apostle before!!!! They each spoke on different things but the over all message I got was how important my calling is. And I need to treat it as such. There was one point I even cried! President Nelson was speaking to us, he introduced his body guards to us, one of them was the father of the best friend of my companion. That would be like Bro. Hanks or Bishop Torrie coming to my mission with an apostle.... So that was cool for Sis. Anderson to see him. 

7. Future home

When President Nelson introduced him, he invited him to come and share his experience as he prepares to send his daughter on a mission. It was so cool to hear his testimony. It was cool to see, even in this big burley body guard the sacredness and the tenderness he has for the gospel and for his family. It was a good reminder that the missionaries aren't the only ones sacrificing, our families are too..... So family, I'm super sorry I suck at writing letters, but I love you!!! And will try to do better haha

6. Symphony lake
After that awesome revelatory experience we went to the assisted living home and played games with them.
On Saturday Sis. Nelson and Sis. Gong held a women's conference for all the women, two of our investigators went and both loved it! Both went with members who had invited them themselves! I love this ward! They are so good at sacking in and enveloping the people we bring to church!

Anyways that was my week! Hope you all had a great week too!!!! Love you!!!
Sis. Johnson

9. Meet koda (what movie is that from??

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