Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January 29, 2016

Hey everyone!!!
Thank you so much for all of the emails!!!! I love hearing from all of you and hearing from home!!! So I will be leaving the MTC soon!!!! YAY!!! I fly  out to Alaska this Tuesday!!! At like 3:30 in the morning!!! We were told we should be landing in Alaska by noonish. But we will see!!!


My investigators are doing so great!!! I can't really remember what I said in the last email, and I don't have time to look, but just in case I didn't tell you, their names are Joan and Elsie. Joan is coming along so well! She has progressed so much and we challenged her to be baptised. She agreed but only if we teach her more about the commitment she will be making. And of course we had no objections to that!!! Elsie on the other hand is coming a bit slower. She knows all about what we are teaching her so it is more about a review. Right now we are just trying to help her believe the Book of Mormon is another Testament of Christ. She grew up Christian and she is married to a mormon and she is going to BYU so she has had her fill. She is reading and praying the Book of MOrmon, so now we are simply waiting for an answer. We are trying to help her do other things, like go to church with her husband, because that is probably why she hasn't received and answer yet. 

Anyways life is great here! next time you hear from me I will be in Alaska!!!! Love you all!!!
Sister Johnson

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