Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016 - Racing Outhouses

Hello everyone!

So this week was exciting...... I got sick. It was nothing to serious,
it was just miserable. But then on Sunday, the zone leaders gave me
a blessing and right after my nose cleared and I could breathe! It was
so amazing and today I feel so so so much better! The power of the
priesthood is real everyone!

So the Iditarod is starting this week! (Dog sled races) but because it
has been so warm they had to truck snow in from the North Pole... It
is kind of funny. It got up to 45ish degrees yesterday! Utah stole all
of Alaska's snow!

This week there has been a fur rendezvous going on. It is a festival
where they bring fair rides, they sell cool fur things at booths,
there is food everywhere and they had this thing where they raced home
made outhouses.... It was quite funny to watch. I guess it is a
tradition, but I'm not sure where it came from. The outhouse named
the Mormon Battalion won! Represent!!! We got to talk to a lot of
random people which is always fun. And we got to talk to a lot of
drunk people as well.... There was one in particular who offered us
weed. Of course we said no and politely left.... But he was quite
persistent. We offered him a Book of Mormon and he lost interest. That
my friends is the power of the gospel.

Anyways I love you all so much! Make good choices and have a good day!
I love hearing from all of you!
Sister Johnson

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  1. So glad you are feeling better and so blessed to be well again!! Did you go to the Fur Rendezvous? That is a fun place. Even though there aren't as many people that go maybe you could meet some non-smoker contacts. Some people blame the internet for the small amount of people who show up.
    Well anyway, thanks for sharing the gospel there!! I am praying you find someone who is ready to hear the message.
    Love, Laura Wood