Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016 - I saw a moose!

Hello Family and Friends!!

Well I made it to Alaska in one piece! I am right now serving in the Anchorage North ward. We cover a huge area! And all of it is just one ward, and it still isn't even near as big as the ward at home! It is so crazy! We have to share this ward with some Elders because of how much ground the ward boundaries cover. And it is a city, so there are lots of people living there, they are just in active or not members. It is really nice to have a team... Not that I would know what it is like otherwise... but ya! My companion is Sis. Rose. She is so nice, we get along great!!!

So Anchorage is really pretty, at least from what I can see. It is a city so I can't see much of nature or anything but the mountains are super pretty and I catch glimpses of the ocean on the opposite side of the mountains every once in awhile.

There are a lot of homeless people here. On Saturday we were able to help out at Beans Café (in other words the soup kitchen). They are super nice people. I handed out my first book of Mormon to one of the helpers there! I was helping him with the dishes and he seemed interested enough. But I couldn't tell if he was interested because my companion and I were girls, or if it was because he was actually interested. Sis. Rose said we will schedule an appointment with him and teach him one lesson then we will tell him the Elders will be teaching him now, just to see if he is still interested.

I saw my first moose on Friday!!! We went to go visit the relief society president so that I could meet her and so that we could go with her to drop some jam off at her neighbors house, who isn't a member. And across the street from her house was a mama moose and her year old baby. We didn't know if we should get out of the car or not. We eventually did and it ignored us. Sis. Gorman (the relief society president) met us in the drive way, and we headed over there with her husband tagging along behind us. (One of their hobbies is they have a band. I thought that was pretty cool!) After we visited for a little bit we went back to the car and just chatted for a little bit, when I look over Sis. Gorman's shoulder and I see mama moose headed straight for us. Sis. Gorman said that if their hump is big then that means they are mad... And that hump was big!
    When Sis. Gorman noticed the moose, she said we should probably run. So we hid behind a tree in their yard. The moose scared us away so that it could eat the bushes in their yard. So we snuck into the house. The only problem now is that our car was stuck in between mama moose and baby moose.... So the Gorman's had us sneak out back where they had a car in a little ally way and they drove us around where we were right next to the car. We had to sneak in through the passenger side because mama moose was right outside the driver side door!!! It was so cool! I felt like a ninja! I tried to take a picture of the moose when we were in the car but my flash went off so all you can see is the window and my reflection. Kind of lame. But now every time Sis. Gorman sees me she asks if I have seen any moose. Which I haven't yet :(

Anyways love you all!!!
Sister Johnson

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