Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May 30, 2016 - Crazy week!


So Tuesday we had one lesson... you know what that means??? We went finding all the day long! Tracting and oyming and talking to strangers, and strange people. But a miracle happened!!! In one of the areas we were tracting in, door after door we went and then finally one opened. This cute little lady opened up the door to us and asked us to come back tomorrow. 
So on Wednesday we went back!!! She was so super interested in the Book of Mormon it was crazy! And she is all there! so that's a plus. She said she was going to study it very thoroughly and compare it to the Bible. So we pointed out the footnotes and how those could help her. It was amazing!! 
Then on Thursday we had this amazing lesson with another investigator. She is from the Dominican Republic and she is 15. She is living with a less active family in the ward, her aunt. They asked us to teach her so we have been. This last lesson we had it at the church. We gave her a church tour and I know she felt the spirit! It was a great lesson.
We also got a new ward mission leader. He is so super passionate about his new calling, I can tell he is going to do amazing! There have been a few changes in the ward council, and us and the elders we are working with both feel that something big is about to happen in the ward, I just hope I get to stay long enough to witness it!
The elders and us are getting along much better now. We actually are working as a team which has really helped the work progress. (I probs forgot to mention that I shared a ward with some elders and they are very much anit- sisters, but they are doing much better once they realized that it was getting in the way of the work, we are doing much better now!!! :D)
So exciting story of the week: yesterday we were given a list of prospective elders to visit (less active men whom bishop would like to bring back and pass the sacrament) We felt inspired to visit one. We go over to his house and knock. no answer. We knock again. no answer. I was ready to turn around and leave, but good ole Sis. Christian is very persistent. So she knocks for a third time. Finally the door opens. And there in the doorway is this lady with a shaved head and piercings all over the place. Sis. Christian smiles and says hi, but before we could get another word out she says no and slams the door. We are a bit confused as to what just happened. I started to turn around when the door opened again, which startled me so I fell off the porch. But then the lady proceeded to be angry we were at her house and said don't pound on my door on a Sunday afternoon.... I think she was having a rough day. 
Anyways that's my week! I love and miss you all!!! 
Sister Johnson

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