Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 6, 2016 - Miracles happened this week

Hello my support team!
So we are still finding and finding and finding. And seeing very little success from it. We only have 5 people in our whole area book, which is a little messed up cuz I am in one of biggest cities in
Alaska. But that's how it is. So we find all the day long. I have met some of the strangest, coolest, weirdest, scariest, funniest people just from this week.

Sis. Christian and I were getting a little bit flustered from all of the lack of success that was happening especially with all of the finding we do all day. So one day we were in the car and thinking who we should see. We were going through our former investigators list when the name Amelia Zimmerman stuck out to us. We decided to go find her. We drove to some apartments and knocked
on the door. Apparently Amelia had moved a long time ago. Feeling bummed we were walking back to the car in the rain (it was even that dramatic and everything!) and we hear someone call out to us. And that is when we met Ryan. He was just getting out of his truck. He's this cool huge black man in the army (he jumps out of planes for a living! Like what?!?!) Anyways we went over to talk to him and he said he wanted to take the lessons and he specifically asked for a Book of Mormon! (Like what? This never happens! I was in a daze this whole time, probably looking creepily lovingly at this man for talking to us!) he said he wanted to learn more and asked if we were available right then to teach him. Of course we were, but we needed someone else with us so that we could go inside his house. And we couldn't do it outside cuz it's raining. So we scheduled to see him the next day with 2 brothers from our ward. It was the most spiritual lesson on the restoration I had ever had. And he just accepted all of it! Soaked it in like a sponge! He accept the invitation to be baptized! He even came to church on Sunday and had already read 1 Nephi! (Like what!?!?)

But then..... We found out that he didn't live in our area...... So we had to give him to some sisters who were actually over his area. It was honestly like a punch in the gut. But those sisters are going to do an amazing job, and is was a testimony builder to me that the lord does look out for all of his children. If we hadn't gone looking for Amelia we never would have  met him. And it  would have taken that much longer for him to find the church. I know that he will do amazing. And I was privileged enough to play a part and for that I will be forever grateful.

This church is so true you guys! The lord knows everything and he does direct and lead our lives. He will always be there!

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