Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 20, 2016 - 5 months!

Hello all!

I guess it still gets warm.
Angela says they use some interesting terminology up north:)

I hope you all had a great Father's Day! I know mine was interesting! It was our first Sunday in my new area (the Fairbanks 5 Ward) so my companion and I have been trying to get to know our Ward and everything. Plus we taught relief society! They put us to work right away!  It was super exciting! Our bishop looks like he's 20 so that was really weird, but I think he's actually older then that but idk.
Haha it just weirded me out to have a bishop so young! Especially coming from Inlet View!

Angela thinks this ladle is abnormally large.
She said, "It's as big as my head!"

This week we have mostly been working on meeting everyone! We already have two people on date! The sisters before us were amazing! So we are just trying to prepare them for the baptisms. One of them is in 2 weeks, and neither of us have ever had a baptism before so we are trying to figure out what we are supposed to be doing! Haha it's a good time!
Her District

We also got to do this awesome service where we dug a gigantic hole! Yeah, we are building a root cellar so our entire zone was digging a hole and it was a deep hole. The sisters were in he hole digging and filling up buckets and the elders lifted the buckets out of the hole and dumped it out the. Sent it back down to be refilled. It was awesome! I got so dirty! I loved it! We did this for like 5 hours! At around 4:30 Sis. Jackson and I had to call an appointment to reschedule cuz we were filthy and we weren't going to make it back. So we went to the truck to get our phone and the back left tire was completely flat! It looked like it had been popped on the road up there. So ya, we definitely weren't going anywhere. So all of us were try to figure out how to get the spare off the bottom of the truck. It took a long time, but we eventually figured it out. After 2 hours and 6 missionaries we finally changed the tire. It was super funny!


I love you all so much! Make good choices. I know this church is true. That is why I am here. The gospel blesses families and by living it and following Christ the lord will bless and protect them.
I love you family and friends!
The Zone

Sis. Johnson

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