Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 24, 2016 - Cool subject line...

Hey everyone!

So this week was super...... Slow haha. We cleaned out our area book, so we are doing A LOT of finding.... Which means I have to talk to people aaaahhhh!!! People confuse us for Jehovah Witnesses  all of the time! Which means they usually run away. Then They find out we are Mormons instead and they run faster! hahaha

Our investigator came to church yesterday! That was super exciting! His name is Allen and he left that meeting saying he wanted to be baptized! Miracle of the week! He has a long way to go but through the atonement and with the help of Jesus Christ all things are possible!

Last week Sis. Christian shattered her iPad..... So we have been going with just mine which hasn't been that bad... for me at least haha. She said she is having iPad withdrawals, it's kinda funny! They shipped it down to Idaho to get fixed cuz I guess it's cheaper down there so we have been waiting the 2 weeks for it to come back.

Also something different that happened this week is I have been having weird stomach problems.... Sis. Taylor (the awesome mission nurse) thinks I might have some lactose issues, which we sorta suspected, but she put me on this no dairy diet, which I was supposed to do before the mission but I love cheese way too much... Needless to say it is really hard. But my comp is awesome, and horrible, and keeps me on track! So pray for me that I can stick to it!

Anyways I know this is a way short email, but I'm way short on time.... Which I know is every missionaries excuse. But I love you all and I will do better next time!
Sister J

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