Monday, November 7, 2016

November 7, 2016 - Wacky Week? Day? Idk

Hello everyone!

So craziness has happened this week..... well more like yesterday lol. So it was a very typical Sunday, just like any Sunday. We go to Ward Council, we squeeze in an hour of studies, we go to church. You know, the norm. When we get inside the church we pick a seat and start visiting with some of the ward members already there. Then RG walks in, now RG is a less active who we have been visiting with, almost on a weekly basis. She hasn't been to church in years! It was awesome to see her! She sat with us. Then DD walks in. Another less active that we have been working with. Then Sis.G  walks in, ANOTHER less active lady we have been working with! And Sis.G hasn't been to church for at least 40 years!!! And then ML and his son walk in! (Out investigator and upstairs neighbor). Sis. Lake and I are just baffled! Tickled pink! Jumping for joy! And they all said they had a great experience. And the testimonies born by the ward were so powerful! The spirit was super strong.

After sacrament meeting a few of them left. Sis.G stayed though, so we were on our way to show her where the gospel principles class was when Sis. Hafen (one of our ward members) pulls us aside and asks us to sub for like 5 min for a teacher who needed to be set a part to her new calling. So we take Sis.G to the gospel principles class and leave her in the trusting hands of our ward missionary leader. While in there I see a bunch of other families who don't normally come or who only come occasionally. It was awesome!

Anyways, then we go teach this Sunday school class. It was a class of four crazy 17 year old teenage boys. Sis. Lake took the reigns on that one and she did fantastic! We taught them on the importance of testimonies. And committed them all to read preach my gospel three times a week (we had to compromise from everyday). And what was supposed to be only 5 minutes turned into all of Sunday School! But for not planning anything it went pretty well. Then we dashed out of there to go find Sis. G to show her where Relief Society is but we were stopped by Sis. B and she asked us to come into YW to talk about missionary work for the first 10 min of class. We said yes but we needed to go find Sis.G so we said we would be in there asap.

Well, by then the Sunday School class is empty so we speed walk to Relief Society where some of our awesome members took Sis.G. She was well taken care of. Then we go to YW and share this awesome thought about missionary work. Again without preparing anything. But the Lord was definitely in charge so of course it turned out pretty good.

Now on our way back to Relief Society we are once again stopped by Bro. G who had brought a friend  to church named J. We didn't notice him in sacrament meeting but if we had made it to gospel principles we would have seen him. So we finally got to meet J And J had sssoooo many questions. We exchanged digits and set up an appointment to meet with him so we could answer all of his questions. He was super excited to be there and kept explaining how glad he was that he came. He kept saying that the church has a good feeling about it and how much he loved Sunday School and how he didn't know there was a premortal life and what the Holy Ghost was. He is super cool and we are super excited to begin teaching him!

Then  we finally made it to Relief Society where we missed the beginning of the lesson but Sis.G was very content so all was well! But ya, best day of church ever!!! 

But you guys, you must understand, none of that would have ever happened without the help from the ward members! This ward is awesome! The power of prayer and hard work and faith is so powerful! The Lord is definitely  guiding, directing, and inspiring this work. He knows who is ready. And he knows what to do to help them! I'm feeling your prayers up here in good ole Alaska! So keep them coming! I have no doubt that those prayers are what helped us have so many people at church yesterday so thank you all so very much! I know without a shadow of a doubt that this church is true! It's not a belief anymore, it is knowledge. I know that as we live the principles and standards and commandments of the church it will bless your life! Cuz it has truly blessed mine! Anyways I love you all! And hope you all had a great week!
Sis. Johnson

P.s. Oh and my wallet got stolen... which is a bummer, but also good cuz I needed a new temple recommend anyways, I accidentally washed my last one lol


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