Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016 - Sick Baptism!

Heyllo you guys!

So this week was super duper exciting!!! First of all last Monday was craziness! Sis. Lake and I had to fill out a police report that ourwallets got stolen (not that the police could do anything but our president said that it'll help if I get pulled over and don't have a license yet) but it took a long time! Also that night we had a family home
evening lesson with one of the families in our Ward . They invited a less active family, a non member family, and one of our investigators. Then said go at it sisters! Lol no pressure our anything! So we played charades but with the Book of Mormon stories. It was boys agains girls. And I'll tell you what, it was hilarious!!! But we did that to introduce everyone to the Book of Mormon then we went in and talked about what the BOM was about and why it was so important. We invited everyone in the room, including the members (cuz even those who have prayed could always use a reaffirmation of if it's truthfulness) to pray about the Book of Mormon and to read it. Everyone accepted, the non member family even took their own copies so that was cool! And the less active family, after we left cuz of our curfew, talked to the family in our ward about their desire to go to the temple. So that was awesome!

Also this week we had a lesson with our new investigator, at the same members house (they are just on fire right now!) and we talked about the plan of salvation. He loved it! And he said he has been praying about the Book of Mormon. And he has come to church every week so far and he plans to come again next week! Also sis. G came with us to another less active members house and we talked about the temple. She wants to go but she has some reservations towards it. Sis. Lake and I didn't even say anything! Sis. G bore her testimony of the temple and told her awesome story about her experience of the temple (her and her hubby have an amazing temple
story!) and sis. G calmed all of her fears and right then and there this sister calls to set up an appointment with the bishop so she can talk to him. It was awesome! Members are ssssoooooo important you guys! Like it's ridiculously awesome how important you are! You make more of an impact then missionaries ever could!

This week I also got sick... so yippee for that. We had to stay in all Thursday. It was the worst. But I'm better now so that's good.

Also this week we had........... A BAPTISM!!!!! She was baptized nov 11 at 5 pm Friday night! It was awesome! There were so many people there to support her! The spirit was super strong! And when she was confirmed Sunday her sister came (who we are also teaching) and is was her first time coming to an actual sacrament meeting and it happened to be during the primary program which she loved! She had the biggest smile on her face the entire time! So whoot whooot!!  Fist pump ✊ !!!!

Anyways so that was pretty much my week! Hope you all had a great week! I love you all! Make good choice! Remember who you are and what you stand for! Don't do drugs!!!!

Sis. Johnson
Now remember I was sick, so excuse the puffy face in the photos!

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