Monday, November 21, 2016

November 21, 2016 - It's like 15 degress outside!

Hello everyone!

So in case you are all wondering cuz of facebook and things, yes I am now  20, yes it is weird. Yes I had a great bday! No I don't feel different, I feel the same.... but older lol :)

So this week was exciting. First of all my testimony of exchanges, and greenie fire, and tracting have grown quite a bit! So story time: Wednesday we had exchanges with the STLs (Sister training leaders). I left the area and went to be with Sis. Richards, who is being trained right now, while Sis. Grieve took my spot in Memory Lake with Sis.
Lake. And guess what happened! First of all Sis. Lake is super awesome and such a go getter and gets things done and she's just super great! Second of all, Sis. Grieve is super awesome and is super good at being a missionary. So with the two together, it's like the Avengers missionary style.... but with only two people on the team. (It made more sense in my head, just go with it). So Wednesday, first they tracted down Grey Wolf Street and found 4 new investigators! LIKE WHAT!?!?!? Then they went a part member family that we have been trying to meet with for the past couple weeks now and they let them in and had an amazing lesson with them! And now we are beginning to teach them the lessons. It was craziness! So ya that happened. Sis. Lake is awesome and has really been training me this whole time, we just tell her she's being trained so she feels more comfortable :) which she is almost done with cuz transfers are next week! We find out what will be happening Thanksgiving night! So that's exciting!

So thought of the week: we have been teaching one of our families in the ward a lot about faith, cuz that's something he said he struggles with. So my thoughts on faith: it's like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it'll become, the less you use it the weaker it'll be. I realize that Pres. Hinkley said something very similar. But it is
super true!  Alma 32:21 explains it perfectly. What would be the point of all this if we didn't have faith? We don't know the meaning of all things. But the Lord has given us prophets, the scriptures, the Holy Ghost, and all these amazing other things that help strengthen our knowledge and faith. In the movie "The Testaments" it says "you can't see me but you know I am here". Well my dear friends. you can't see me! But you know I'm alive! You read my emails and you saw and knew me before my mission. Same with Heavenly Father. You read his scriptures
and words from the prophets, and you saw and knew him before you were born. You know all of this! You just need to trust him.

I love you all so super duper oober much! And thanks for all the happy birthday wishes! I really enjoyed them!
Sis. Johnson :D

😊look at these road signs! Aren't they funny? Alaska sure has a sense of humor! :)

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