Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28, 2016 - Happy Turkey Day!

Hello so sorry this is going to be short! I ran out of time! But that doesn't mean I don't love you all!

So this week was thanksgiving! Which is always super exciting!  We had three Thanksgiving dinners! By the end of the night Sis. Lake had to roll me out to the car I was so full!!! But good news! One of those was with a family we had tracted into the day before! So that was awesome!

Also super exciting is we got transfer calls...... and sadly I'm being kicked out of Memory Lake :( but the Lord has called me to serve in the Ocean View Ward in South Anchorage, so that's exciting! The people are super nice! I went on exchanges there a few times so I'm excited :) Sis. Lake is going to take super good care of Memory Lake, she is the best!

Anyways love you all! Again sorry it's so short!

Funny story we were tracting and a car pulled up and pulled over... we thought it was the Jehovah Witnesses and they were going to tract the street we were about to, so we were going to try to beat them to the houses...
well it turned out to be a member of our ward just taking her daughter ice skating. lol oopsies haha

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