Monday, May 16, 2016

May 16, 2016 - Exploding cars

Hello everyone!

This week has been just peachy! It was the first full week of the new transfer and Sis. Christian and I are like the same person!! We work so awesome together! She is even from Utah in the Salem area! Yay! This week we cleaned out our area book, always a blast...... We also had to drop lots of our potential investigators, and even some of our actual investigators. I was very sad that day. But they weren't progressing so it had to be done. I just have to exercise the faith that they will some day be ready!

It was stake conference for our stake this Sunday and we got to listen to Elder Murray from the 70. He is a fantastic speaker. He was the last speaker and in his talk he included everything spoken about in all of the talks before him, it was amazing! He also rebuked the congregation and told them that they need to be more unified. It was surely a blessing! Because our stake does have unification issues. The people are so diverse! In our stake alone we have a Samoan Ward, Tongan Ward, Spanish Ward, and English white polongy (idk if I spellled that right) Wards so it's a bit hard to relate to each other with so many different languages and cultures. Because of this it is super hard to do missionary work and get members to lessons and to get members to fellowship our investigators. So when Elder Murray told them this, inwardly I was dancing and singing and shouting and such. It was a happy moment! To make it even better they were also told to feed the missionaries and go out to lessons with the missionaries so that also just helped the meeting get better.

But this week we mostly OYMed (open your mouth) which means we talked to strangers. So everything I was taught as a child not to do when it comes to strangers... Well I've been doing it.... Sorry mom! So ya, we talked to lots of different people. As we were oyming we ran into a
homeless lady named Katie we had talked with before and we gave her a Book of Mormon... But as we were talking with her, the homeless people a few yards a way started fighting.... We didn't really know what to do, so we just awkwardly kinda kept talking to Katie.... But then they were wrestling and punching and yelling, and brought itself toward us so we felt we needed to leave.... As we were walking away one of the men fighting called after us.... We kept walking.... So he called again
but this time he started walking after us.... Ya super exciting. Don't worry we made it to the car in one piece and left. We were done oyming for that day haha.

Also, this week Sis. Christian thought our car was going to explode. It was really funny. Cuz the oil light had come on so we checked the oil then the next morning the car struggled starting, then as we were driving an orange light with an exclamation point came on and so she was terrified that it meant our car was in jeopardy and that we were going to explode and that the car wasn't safe to drive. So she called the elders to come look at it. It just turned out to be that the pressurein our tires was low.... Not quite exploding. Hahaha I haven't let her forget it, it was super funny!

Anyways I hope you all have had a great week! I love you all, make good choices!
Sis. Johnson

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