Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 9, 2016 - Happy Mother's Day!

Hey everyone!

 First off happy Mother's Day to all you women in my life! I love you all and I want you to know how important you all are and how much I love you! I hope yesterday was a special day for you!

So this week was super fun, we had transfer number 3 and my mom left me for the North Pole. My new companion is really awesome though! She came down from Fairbanks and has been out 6 months. Her name is Sis.Christian and she is super chill! We get along great! She is such a
great missionary and I have learned so much from her already and it hasn't even been a full week!

So this week we got to do our favorite service again. The elevator was super fun and it looks the same as last time we did the service. Basically we sit in the elevator for 4 hours bussing people around and
going to every floor. The library is under construction so it's the only elevator in the building so to keep some order we do it. FUNNYSTORY: while we were bussing people around the same two guys came into the elevator really frequently. One was a construction worker he was taking piles of wall and stuff to other floors, normal right? And there was this other guy who was visiting he library.... Normalish right? Well the construction workers shift ended and he came back twice. The last time he just quickly hands us a paper and said that we dropped it..... I was really confused cuz we hadn't left the elevator for 3 hours so how could I have dropped anything not int he library?!? Well on he paper it said "dinner?" And his number and "text?" Sis. Christian and I didn't know what to do..... So we still haven't contacted him.... And we probably won't.... Especially cuz he was like 30-40 years old.... Awkward! I actually feel really bad about it all.

Now after that... Like 5 min later the other guy came in and it was him and us in the elevator and he is just standing there and we asked him what level he wanted (by this point we had gone to every level already and he hadn't gotten off) and he was like " actually I have a question do you girls like dancing?" He asked us both on a date to go dancing with him. We turned him down in the nicest way possible but he was very persistent and gave us his number and said if we change our minds give him a call........ It was a strange day!

Anyway so back to missionary work. We have been oyming like crazy (talking to random people) and yesterday on Mother's Day we felt prompted to go to one of our Ward s recent converts so we do and she wasn't home.... So we walked around and ran into this guy who was washing his car (in the rain) and we talked to him he said he had coworkers who were Mormon and took our number and a Book of Mormon!

Then a guy who was smoking walks up to us and was like "are you church people?"
We said yes. He said "I'm smoking right now, so it might not be an appropriate time to talk, but I need to go to church." We gave him our number and he said he would call. LIKE WHAT JUST
HAPPENED.!?! It was so cool! Things like that never happen!

Anyways I hope all is well for you all! I love you and hope you have
an awesome Mother's Day and week!

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