Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July 10, 2017 - Happy 4th!

Hello everyone!

So this week was pretty grand we had the Fourth of July, that was fun. We didn't get to watch any of the fireworks because it was at midnight and it we were sleeping. They do it at midnight because it doesn't even get dark enough to see the fireworks until midnight so that's how that happened. We also got to walk around the parade that the city put on, you talk to a lot of super nice people and they even gave us some food so that was very nice of them.

Happy 4th!

We had zone conference this week and I met the new mission president, he is the best! He is super nice and zone conference was super spiritual. I got to see a video of myself opening my mission call forever ago.. So that was weird... but it was good motivation to remember to work hard!

This week we tracted in the bear mountain area and it rained all day long and we were soaking wet! It hasn't rained like that in forever. But it was fun. We also saw lots of fireweed so that means winter is coming soon.

Zone conference

It was also Sister Dunlop's birthday yesterday, she is now 20! We had a birthday party for her and for Brother K, the Mount Baldy ward mission leader, because it was also his birthday! So that was exciting, they had birthday cake and balloons and everything.

 Buster the bear outside our window

Anyways, I love you all lots hope you had a great week and remember who you are and what you stand for because that's important to know. Remember that Heavenly Father  loves you and so do I!

😊 sis. Johnson

The great Alaska

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