Monday, April 10, 2017

April 3, 2017 - Conference is the best!

Hello everyone!
So this week is transfer week! Sis. Jackson and I are staying in the Ocean View/Bush branch area. This will be my first 6 monther! Which is good cuz I like this area!

This week we did as much finding as possible! We have been brain storming and experimenting with so many different finding ideas and approaches. In district meeting on Tuesday one of the trainings was on working through members, then in conference it talked alot about family history. We talked with President and he also advised us to have as many lessons as possible in the week, whether with less active members, investigators, or even active members, tea change as much as possible. Because missionaries are happiest when they are teaching. So that's the goal this up coming transfer!

We had the amazing opportunity to do a service of cleaning the temple! It was the best! Mom, you prepared me well! I love the temple so much! It has been my mission goal to be able to help someone get there because of how amazing it is! And the blessings that can come from it. It is the house of the Lord!

The afternoon sessions of conference we watched it with our investigators. They are doing pretty good! I love the this family! And their dog! He's so cute!

I have decided that the hardest thing about missionary work is knowing so much of what will help someone. Having the answers to everyone's problems, knowing with all my soul it will help them, but then they don't listen to you, they don't like your answer, they aren't paying attention, or they just don't want to do the things that will bring them that peace the new initiative is talking about. It's painful. I have come to have a better understanding of how our Heavenly Father must feel.

There was a talk in conference I think by L Whitney Clayton where it's the little things that will answer all the struggles, all of the problems, everything! Reading your scriptures, saying your prayers, going to church, fasting, praying as a family, reading as a family, having family home evening. It is these things that strengthen your faith, that give you a connection to Heavenly Father. If you aren't doing them, if you are unwilling to receive, accept, and act on his guidance, then you will be trying to face your troubles by yourself. That is how you make it harder than it needs to be. They are simple but powerful things to do. Who knew it would make such a big difference reading a verse a day? We have been given these commandments for a reason. All that he asks of us will always be for our benefit! Always! And as said in another talk, trust him! He knows the way because He is the way!
I love you all!!!!

😊Sister Johnson

1. Cleaning the temple

2. He wanted to come do missionary work with us, he wouldn't give me
my coat back, and he wouldn't let me take a picture either!

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