Thursday, April 27, 2017

April 24, 2017 - Quarantined

Hello everyone!

This week has been a good week! We got to go on exchanges this week. Sis. Kunz and I tracked up a storm in Ocean view. Cool story though! You know that referral we have been doing family history work for that
we haven't met, but that the 2nd councilor in the presidency is having us do it for? Well Sis. Kunz and I tracted into her. It was really funny! And she is so nice! She let us in and we talked for a good 20 min. She wouldn't let us show her what we found cuz she wanted to wait for President Smith, but it was cool!

Thursday we met with our new investigator. He is so funny! And so sincere about everything. He loves meeting with us, he said he always feels better after leaving. He carries his Book of Mormon  we gave in his pocket and takes it with him everywhere he goes! And he calls us on a daily basis so he is doing great! One of our bush investigators  set her baptismal date for July 15, she will be in Washington at that time so  all her kids can be there. The branch president will be flying to go preside.

We went on more exchanges at the end of the week, Sis. Oliver joined me in Ocean View as well. She is he cutest! (She's my twin) We got to do a lot of service on that exchange. We helped set up for the heart run race they do every year. It was fun and made me want to go running! So Sis. Oliver and I ran circles around the tents they were
setting up, lol. One of the elders timed us..... Let's just say I'm out of shape....

Sunday was an exciting but uneventful day. Sis. Jackson got the flu so we were quarantined in our apartment all the day long. We didn't get to go to Ocean View ward at all, but we did get to go to all of the
meetings in the Bush branch. Having church over the phone makes it
a lot easier!!! In Ocean View though, I guess there were tons of
visitors. And someone we had tracted into a few weeks ago left us a
note that one of the elders had on the church door telling us he would like to meet with us! That was definitly a miracle! We are going to start meeting with him Wednesday!

Anyways that was my week! Hope you are all doing well! Love and miss you!

😊Sister Johnson

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