Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10, 2017 - Break Up Season

Hello everyone!
So this week has been amazing! The sun has been shining and it's been rising lots earlier! It has been up to 40 degrees all week long! I'm down to a small jacket now! The snow has been melting like crazy! There are literally rivers running down the roads and huge lakes everywhere! But it means spring is here so summer is coming, and I am so excited! Alaska summers are so amazing!!!

This week our investigators house flooded because of how fast everything is melting so we helped them try to clean that up, their front porch was sunk in the mud. So it's been the adventure.

We had stake conference In the Anchorage Stake this week. It was seriously so amazing! The adult session was by far my favorite! The theme was the temple and each speaker spoke about their personal story of how they got to the temple. Most of the speakers were converted within the last 5 years. I knew a few of the missionaries who taught them. It was a testimony builder to me to hear their testimonies and a puny part of their stories. The temple is so amazing you guys! It is literally the house of the Lord! Why would anyone procrastinate or avoid going to be in the home of your Heavenly Father? I know the answer to that already. Life happens, but the Lord makes time for you, so make some time for him.

Something I really liked in the conference was what a speaker said about faith, he said "faith isn't a feeling, it's a choice, the The feeling comes by choosing to act on your faith." That phrase really hit me. I guess you could say my faith has been wavering a tad bit, but it's because I'm choosing to let it waver. At the end of the conference the stake president got up and said that you all received a promoting of what you need to do to strengthen your faith and bring yourself to the temple. Whether is is to simply renew your recommend, or overcome things to become temple worthy, he invited everyone to act on those promptings. Since I'm a missionary I can't got to the
temple whenever I want, but I can strengthen my faith in the Lord's plan. So that's what I'm working on.
I love you all! Enjoy Easter next week!
Sis. Johnson

1. Members from the Bush branch visited anchorage!

2. It's coming!!!!

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