Monday, February 20, 2017

February 13, 2017 - Travels and things

This week was awesome!

So it started out in Juneau! Sis. Ewing, Pres., and I flew to Juneau for exchanges and President Robinson had interviews. It was the best! Juneau is so pretty! I want to serve there some day! Funny story though, we only had one car..... so that made things a bit harder to do exchanges. So what we ended up doing is dropping 
Sis. Christian (yes the same Sis. Christian who was my comp almost a year ago) and Sis. Ewing off on the side of the road and they just walked to dinner which was a little ways away. Sis. Fa'anunu (from Tonga) and I visited people and stuff cuz we had the car. So it kinda worked out lol! It was so fun! But I am the worst and didn't
really take any pics cuz I'm the worst.... so sorry everyone! Plus it got dark super fast so... ya he he...

Also, this week we went on exchanges with Campbell Park again. I went with Sis. Oliver in Campbell Park. It's super funny cuz we are basically the same person! Like not even kidding. We don't look alike, other than we both have brown hair, but people got us confused a lot, lol, and we like all the same things! So ya it was fun! I am 
Sis. Oliver's mother. She took my place when I left Fairbanks so that was great! We got to do service for foster kids. We read to them and made them lunch. It was great! I loved it! The man who runs the service is this old blind man. He is so funny! He proposed to Sis. Oliver like three times. I was laughing The Whole time!

So miracle of miracles happened his Sunday! In the bush, all of our investigators came to church! Every single one! That never happens! It's was a great Sunday!

So happy Valentine's Day! Love you all! And happy day of birth Sean! You are the greatest!

Sis. Johnson

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