Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016 - Conference is the best!

Hello everyone!!!!

This sums up mine and Sister Lake's relationship
So story time!!! We were looking at our Ward roster and we realized there were lots of people we didn't know! So we knelt down and said a prayer and looked at the Ward roster again and the name Groff stood out to to us. So we made plans to go visit her and see who she is. 

On our journeys to her home we were driving down this nicely paved road for like 10 min in the middle of the forest having a good ole time, jamming to some Motab, when we turned down this gravelly dirt, off roading road. We travel down this road for a good 15 min, then we turn down another road, for another 10 min and to add to this foreshadowing it started to rain! So now we are just super worried as to where we were going and who this person was and why we were going out in the middle of no where. Needless to say we were very worried. Finally we pulled up to this sign that said Groff. Under the sign is this dirt road that leads into the forest, and across the road is a gate that says no trespassing, gun signs and beware of dog signs. So I'm just thinking, is this a good idea? This seems like a very dangerous situation, do I want to put myself and my brand new missionary companion in a bad situation! Well we parked the car and went and stood at the gate for a good 5 min trying to decide what to do. From the gate we could see lots of broken down cars and metal run down things throughout the over growth of the yard. We still couldn't see a house anywhere and it was harder to see all the other things
with the limited light we had. Well we said a prayer and I decided to push forward. So we crept around the gate and started walking down this long road. Suddenly these dogs start barking all over the place! We were about
half way from the gate and this clearing up a head but we stopped cold turkey! Sis. Lake had had enough and I wasn't far behind so we turn back and start walking to the gate when we hear this lady yell from behind! She called out for us to wait. We turn and this older lady comes hobbling out of the clearing. It was sis. Groff, she was super nice and agreed to listen to us. Prayer is real everyone! Follow those promptings and have faith! it seems scarey in the moment, but it is worth it in the end!!!

Some of my favorite kids! So cute!

That is something that really stood out to me that we need to have faith, the Saturday session talked a lot about prayer, prayer is real everyone! The second you say "Heavenly Father" your father is zeroed in on you, listening, just trust him!

I love you all!!!
Sis. Johnson

This is sister training meeting! We were all blinded, but had a great time

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