Monday, October 24, 2016

October 25, 2016 - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Hellooooo down There!!!!

Sssoooo story time! Yesterday we were Tracting, and there was this cool looking big older type house, it was a bit intimidating. But like the champs we are we marched up to that front door and knocked. As we passed the huge front window out of the corner of my eye I could see someone standing in the window with their hands on their hips staring us down, probs to intimidate us so we wouldn't go to the door. (And if you know me and Windows and people staring and things you know that it's not a good mix) but we ignored him and pretended we didnt see him (or her, but I'm guessing it was a dude) and I'm praying in my head like a mad woman! Anyways we knock on the door.... and wait..... then we hear people running and we look over to the big window (the window sticks out a bit and has two smaller windows on each side of it) so we can see into the front room and these three teenage girls try to sneak under the windows and hide out of our sight t so they can still watch us.... awkward... so to make it less awkward I smiled and waved at them cuz we could totally see them. Well that just made them try to hide harder. Clearly they weren't interested so we are about to turn around and leave when the door opens and there is this tall older man in the door way. Well now we can see in much better, and this house seriously reminded
me of the pride and prejudice house that the main character lives in (I've only seen that movie a few times so don't ask how I remember). To add to it there were like 6 girls from all ages and two little boys all looking at us from around the wall. Anyways this man has this very thick Russian accent so I'm not sure how much he understood what we were saying. But it was a funny conversation. He kept saying I had more then one mom (don't worry mom I made sure to clarify that for him!)and that we were polygamists and that he would become a Mormon when he was in the mood to have another wife. It was sure interesting. He said we could come back, but we probs won't cuz they weren't interested at all! But it was sure funny!

Anyways we also met with our red investigators this week and invited them to be baptized! One of them said yes and is praying for a date, the other two said they wanted to but they want to learn more first so yay! Super exciting! Maybe she will get baptized on my bday, that would be cool! 

So thought for the week comes from this cool quote hanging on our kitchen wall! It says "sometimes when things are falling apart they may actually be falling into place!" The lord has a plan for all of us! Those bumps we go through in life are all apart of that plan. It may seem like the end of the world now, but the lord can see the
bigger picture and that is why we need to trust him, have faith in him, and keep moving forward. Sis. Lake says this cool quote a lot "pray when things are going well so you have a foundation when they are not." Let Christ hold you up and lift your burdens. That is what he is there for, so trust him. The atonement is real you guys. It is
so real! And this church is so true!
I love you all so much!
Sis. Johnson

P.s. While you guys were enjoying warm weather, guess what I was
doing........ 6 inches for the first snow fall of the season!

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