Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016 - Wind, lights, and stuff

So hello!

This week was pretty good! Sis. Lake and I have been going through our less active lists and trying to visit them and we are asking everyone for referrals! Well when we remember to that is lol.

We also have 3 investigators! They are the best! I can't remember if I have mentioned them yet but they are the children of one of the newest converts in the ward. Her 3 kids are 17, 14, and 11. Their dad isn't interested quite yet but we are getting there :) all of them but one came to church on Sunday! It is so exciting!

So guess what!?!? I almost didn't get to email today cuz our power was out! For the past 3 days we have been having these super bad wind storms, they have been knocking trees and everything over and there has been dust and rocks flying around and it is all just so crazy! But anyways, we woke up to no power this morning for like 3 hours, it was awesome! So we lit candles and had a candle lit breakfast of fruit snacks and cold oatmeal cuz we didn't want to open the fridge to preserve the coolness in there for all the food!

Also exciting things happened this week! I finally saw the northern lights! Sis. Lake and I go running every morning and Wednesday morning after our run, (by now it's like 6:40 and super dark) we make it back
to our apartment and we look up and the borealis lights are out and they were dancing and there was green and purple, it was really cool! The pic doesn't do them justice, but it's all I got :)

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