Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016 - Obedience is the key!

Alright everyone pay close attention! I have things to say! 

So first of all, I serviced my first week white washing. Wahoo! Big accomplishment! We have finally met many of the people in the ward which is great. Our bishop is the!!! He loves his ward and has been so helpful, even though he was in Logan (as in my home, Logan
UT), during it all. He called and we had good discussions. Now that he is back from Babylon we have coordinated much and it is awesome! This week we have tracted a lot! We still are quite dry in the investigator department (prayers would be wonderful! 

Now you need to understand something very important. Alaskan houses are sketch! They are buried in two acres of woods and their driveways are forever long. There was this one house where we had to climb down a hill covered in trees on a dirt road out in he middle of nowhere with broken cars and other things lining the road, with these huge dogs guarding it and big dark windows. And there were signs along the road saying no trespassing or soliciting. And other signs that talk about guns and stuff and beware of dog signs and things. And the house was this cabin type thing with HUGE brooding dark windows, so whoever lived there could see us coming from a mile away. Needless to say I was terrified. But onward we went..... With my amazing companion dragging me behind her, we went to this house and met the most amazingly kind, super duper nice, very open man who took our number and said he wanted to learn more and stuff! Holy cow! Did not see that coming. And his dog who looks terrifyingly mean is actually this huge fuzz ball. Because of this experience I am now a witness that even though we are scared to death to follow the spirit, it is so super duper important for us to follow through, cuz we never know what will happen.

Also I had this awesome epiphany yesterday! We were at a dinner appointment and we were talking about our life on earth being a test. I imagine it to be like a math test. As we are taking the test there are problems we struggle with and choices of answers we don'talways know the answer to. We pick wrong answers, we might get
confused while trying to work out the problem. In life we were sent here to be tested. We are not perfect, we don't know the answers to all of life's questions. We might get confused as to why things are happening to us and what is right and what is wrong. We won't get every choice or decision right. Well, in school my math teacher would have us go over all the answers we got wrong and try to figure out the right answer. And sometimes,
even going over it again and again I still would get the answer wrong in the test. We have trials so we can continually learn and grow, even after we have gone through it time and time again, we may still make the wrong choice. But just like how we learn more about math and what is right and what is wrong, in life we learn and gain experience as to what will bring us true joy and real happiness and what will mess up our lives and cause us to start over. Jesus Christ suffered so that we can start over. He is the teacher, the prophets are the tutors. We have been given by the prophets study materials and study guides to help us get more and more of those questions right. Really what it boils down to is obedience. The test of is life is obedience. As we follow the Lords teachings and listen to what the prophets have to say, we have a chance at Acing this test! I know that this is true! I have seen it time and time again out here. We have been given commandments to help us be happy.

Sorry it was so long today, for those of you who finished reading this all the way to the bottom, good job! I hope you take something from it. I know it is true! I love you all! And hope you are safe!

Sis. Johnson :D

Oh ya, we also got to go to the temple! That was pretty awesome! :)
this is my new zone!

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