Thursday, August 18, 2016

August 15, 2016 - 7 months out!

Hi friends!

So this week was super exciting! We are still a bit low on investigators so we have been finding and tracting and stuff all the week long. So once again I say to you all, be nice to the poor people who knock on your doors, it is a terrifying job! 

Anyways, Sis. McGraw and I first went down this road called bull moose road (typical Alaskan road names are the best! There is also a grizzly road, grey wolf road, and musk ox road, and there are some that are called this road and that road. Not even kidding!) The people on this road are interesting! As we were tracting down it with no success we decided to turn back. On our way back we walked passed this trail that lead deeper into the woods. And believe it or not it was my companion's idea to go down the trail, not mine! Of course I didn't argue, so off we go and it went deeper and deeper..... It was a very long trail. We didn't make it to the end before Sis. McGraw said we should turn around lol. Sorry, nothing exciting happened to us on the trail to report on, I just thought it was exciting that we went on the trail in the first place haha :)

This story is a bit more exciting! So we were tracting and we tracted into a member and he gave us a referral. He wrote his testimony in a Book of Mormon and so off we went to give it to this lady. As we were walking up to the door their dogs were barking at us in the window and the owner was standing in the window. She was shaking her head at us and gestured for us to go away..... Then she opens the window and said if we didn't leave she would sick her dogs on us and they would eat us...........So that was exciting. Later we told huethe member what
happened, so he went by and told us to go back. So we went back! We had to deliver this book! Apparently it was the referral's mom who didn't like us, but we were still able to get her the book so it worked out :). Then we found out she is 20 and belongs in the ysa... So we have to give her to the ysa elders :( so that was an awesome bummer!

Anyways I love you all! I hope life and everything is going well for you all :)

Sis. Johnson :)

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