Friday, August 5, 2016

August 1, 2016 - Wasilla!

😊Im in wasilla now! Sis. McGraw and I are white washing memory lake. We got a new phone, car, and apartment and a new area book and everything is new! So we have no information other then what the elders have told us who had the Ward before we got here. It's super exciting.... But it also means we have no investigators. We decided to get to know the Ward and work through the Ward to get some referrals. That's the  plan so far. And it has worked pretty good.

The first few days after getting unpacked and things we went out and visited a bunch of people! So we had met quite a few people before Sunday even came around! So that was great! One of the people we went to see was a man who is a hitchhiker that is currently living in a school bus..... The elders told us to go see him cuz he is super solid and curious and has lots of questions. Of course we can't say no to questions, so off we go. We drove quite a ways into the forest (Wasilla is full of trees) and it was cloudy so it was pretty dark for Alaska in August, and it 8pm... Sketch right? But we had to meet him! So we are driving and driving and we turn and this clearing opens up and there is this nicer house with this random school bus sitting in the yard..... Not quite what I was expecting. Smoke was coming out of the bus so we knew he was home, so awkwardly we knock on the bus door. He was very nice and wanted a Book of Mormon. So that was exciting!

So I have decided that if I were to ever move to Alaska it would most likely be Wasilla! Cuz Wasilla has both mountains and trees. It's like a bowl full of trees. Mountains on all sides with trees everywhere. People who live here are basically forest hermits, my future ;) and the best part is on the side of the roads there are dirt trails for
dirt biking and four wheeling! People ride them everywhere! It is normal to ride them down the road to your friend jimmys home! It would be weird to walk cuz jimmy would live like 5 miles away! And instead of riding a bicycle they ride four wheelers, it is great! And everyone has dogs and land. For missionaries it's a pain cuz the house is buried behind trees and so we can't see the house number like at all, and they train their dogs to guard their houses (cuz people out here don't normally want to be found). But ya, and it's not to far from the temple, maybe like a 45 min drive. But I love it here! And the Ward is super awesome! It's great! But ya that's about where I'm at right now!

I love you all and hope you are all safe and enjoying the end of summer!

Opposition in all things" - Dallin h oaks April 2016
(This is a really awesome talk! Read it! It will change your life!) I
know this church is true you guys! If you don't know it then try to,
if you do know it then help those who are seeking. We are here to
learn and grow and help those around us. I love you all so much!

Sis. Johnson :)

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