Monday, December 12, 2016

December 12, 2016 - Oh boy!


So this week has been insane! So on Tuesday Sis. Ewing and I were sitting in our car calling a bunch of people who live out in the bush, setting up lessons and such, when we get this text message from Salt Lake. It was a self referral. So we immediately call the referral. Her name is W and she tells us she wants to learn more. She has  already read the entire Book of Mormon. And she knows it is true. She also said her entire family would like
to sit in on the lessons. Like what?!? Talk about miracles! It was pretty awesome!

Feeling festive!
Then Wednesday we sat in a meeting all the day long.... like we are talking from from 10am-6pm. My brain hurt. But for this meeting the STLs from Fairbanks came and spent the night at our apartment, so that was exciting. Their flight was delayed an entire hour and then everything else was thrown off so they didn't end up even getting here until like 12... by then Sis. Ewing and I were asleep so we just left the doors unlocked... I know we are heartless.
The Christmas tree the ward sent.

Then Wednesday there was an emergency transfer so we hosted Sis. Jewel for a day. We went tracting with her and tracted into a part member family who we did not have records for. We just knocked on the door and she was like come into the kitchen I'm cooking and we can talk... we were all super confused, cuz this never happens! Then we talked with her more and found out she's a member. So that was exciting, then on Sunday she brought her husband to church! Wahoo! Awesome sauceness!!! We are eating dinner with them Tuesday...... which I'm super bummed I'm missing cuz we have exchanges.... but Sis. Ewing promised to set up a return appointment.
Anyways I love you all! Stay safe and things!

😊Sis. Johnson
notice how I'm the only one in a coat.... you would think I'd be
better adjusted to the coldness by now

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