Tuesday, September 6, 2016

September 5, 2016 - Crazy week!

Hello everyone!

So first of all I want to give a shout out to my brother and brand new
sister (although we were sisters before, but now it's just legal!). 
Congratulations Sean and Allie on getting married and things! 
You guys look adorable in the pictures! I love you guys!

Sister Johnson in her bridesmaid dress.

Also, it is transfers this week! Sis. McGraw is headed back down to Babylon. 
She got the package we sent her!
I will remain here and I will be training!!! Aaaahhhhh!
We are getting 5 new sisters, so now after this transfer every sister
missionary will be training. Craziness! So my brother got married and
I have a baby! What a crazy week!

So crazy story! Friday night we went to visit a member from the ward that
is blind and deaf, and he made us dinner! He made us a Shepherds pie with 
garlic bread, and it was actually really yummy! Idk how he did it, but he did!

It was quite impressive!

Anyways, sorry this is short but I gots to go! I love you all so much!!!

😊sis. Johnson

-This little excerpt is from my personal email, but I had to share. Angela was very sad to miss her brother's wedding, but this is how her day went-

The day of the wedding the bishop of our ward gave me a blessing. And so did another family the day before (one of my most favorite families) and they both said that I'm where I am supposed to be and that he is watching out for you guys and protecting you. It is kind of ironic cuz the day they got married we had a zone meeting and the zone leaders asked me and Sis. McGraw to give a training on being focused on our missions............ I think they were trying to say something. Lol but it did help, we were very busy Friday thankfully :)

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