Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016 - Training!!!!

Greetings to the lower 48!!!

So I'm running out of time! So sorry! But this week I have become a
trainer! Her name is Sis. Lake! She is the bestest! She is from eagle
Idaho! And I swear she came pre-trained or something! She is training
me more then I'm training her!

So at church yesterday 3 of the 4 less active people we have been
working with came to church for the first time in forever! Probably
cuz we only had one hour of church due to Palmer stake stealing our
building for their stake conference, but they still came! It is a step
in the right direction! Tender mercy for us for sure!

Also we tracted in the rain, it has been raining so much! The days are
getting darker, there is a chill in the air.... It rains so much here!
People are saying we will be having a normal Alaska winter! Yay!.....
Pray we will be warm! Let's see if that actually happens!


(As a side note from the mom/Shauna - Angela didn't send any photos this week:( but I did find one on her mission Facebook page. She also sent me a video of her singing happy birthday to me:) She told me it is for my eyes only and not to share it, especially on the internet. So sorry, it is for me and me only, but she sure is a cutie! Just trust me on that!)

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