Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 18, 2016 - Fun Times

Hey guys!

So this week was excitingish..... Ok, not really. I got sick again :P So far I have gotten sick every transfer, well except my first one. Don't worry it hasn't been anything to horrible, more just like obnoxious uncomfortable  horrible.

Anyways so it's been very bipolar up here! The weather gets up to 100 degrees one day, then it's raining
the next, but it's not like normal rain, it's more like mist, it's been misting the past few days, if that makes any sense. It's almost like we are inside the cloud itself. Haha it's very interesting.

We get transfer calls this next week! Crazy! I feel like the transfer just started! But it's going to be a crazy transfer call cuz we are getting 7 new sister to the mission! Which means there will be some new areas opening up and we will all be transferred. And if we aren't training this transfer we will be next transfer cuz we will be getting
5-6 new sisters after that, so within these next two  transfers all of the sisters in the mission will be training! It is quite the exciting buzz going throughout the mission!

On Friday we did this huge service project! It was us, 1st Ward elders and 6th Ward elders. We helped a cute little family clean up their back yard. And it was a HUGE backyard. The yard ended into the Chena river and it had t been mowed or taken care of in a very long time. The grass was almost taller then me! And there were trees popping up in random places throughout the yard from the forest around the house. So we clipped and mowed those suckers down! Basically we did that all day and smelled like grass and gasoline the rest of the night. But I
am now a professional lawn mower tree trimmer! Their yard looked fantastic by the end of I do say so self!
While we were doing this a river boat with oodles and gobbs of people floated by on the river so that was cool, sadly I did t have my camera to take a pic but it was exciting! (We took this pic at the very beginning when we started working on the yard. We cut down trees and in the back elder Ryan is mowing it down. We forgot to get an after pic so just imagine the perfect yard that looks amazing! And that would be it! ;)

Anyways hope all is well in Zion! I love you all! Make good choices!
The lord loves you!
Sis. Johnson

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