Monday, April 4, 2016

April Fool's Day! She thinks she's so funny!

We were hiking in an area where we hadn't had any cell service and very little wifi. We were at the top of a mountain when my phone beeped that I had a text. Funny, the only reason I had my phone was for time and to take a few photos I could send to people quickly, which I kept forgetting to do. Anyways, I got this text:

Poor Sister Johnson met a bicyclist. And she lost
Um, what? Honestly, this was April 2nd, so I wasn't sure, but it seemed like the kind of joke our sweet Sister Johnson would pull on us. And I could have been getting it a day late because we hadn't had any cell service the day before. Plus, the crutches look too short, and Sister Rose was holding her foot kind of funny.

Well, I posted this on the Missionary Momma Facebook Group page, kind of wondering what to do. I mean, I would feel really bad if I didn't take her seriously and she really was hurt. Another Mom then posted this photo saying her friend, Sister Rose's mom got this photo.


I did email her telling her we were in touch with the mission home to see what we need to do and that the ward was holding a ward fast for her to heal quickly. April Fool's! She then thanked me for appreciating her awesomeness and sent this photo showing us what they did with the family they live with.

What a goofy kid! Love her!

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