Wednesday, August 9, 2017

August 7, 2017 - Here I come!

Whelp, we got transfer calls Thursday. And they are closing our area.
Sis. Dunlop is getting transferred to memory lake (best place ever!)
and I'm getting booted out of Alaska. Lol ;)
I love you all! See ya Thursday.... or Sunday.... or whenever!!!!!!!!

😊sis. Johnson
This sums up the last week of the mission
1. It's this Elders bday this month!

2. Food bank service with Steve and Betty (Betty was on the phone in the back)

3-4. Some of my wasilla friends came to say good bye! (Yes this is
Bobby D Smith, my blind a deaf cowboy)

5.this is Brent from the nature center. He is my favorite person ever!

6. Transfer calls, matching shirts, and ice cream fav family the burrups

8.sis. Henson love her! other fav family, these two are future sis. Johns missionaries!!!

10. The district

11. Hugs Ya'll!

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